Three place at New Plymouth tourney
The following are the results of the New Plymouth Wrestling Tournament:
Hunter McWilliams, 120 lbs. defeated Mikail Kidd, Kuna by pin; lost to Flavio Rosales, Columbia by pin; defeated Alex Gomez, Weiser by pin and defeated Mikail Kidd, Kuna 6-0 for 3rd Place
Alex Duman, 126 lbs. defeated Michael Carter, Valleyview by pin; lost to Joel Campos, Columbia by pin; defeated Danny Sandoval, Columbia 9-2; lost to Jake Lords, Kuna 1-2 for 4th place.
Tayler Heitman, 132 lbs. lost to Rylan Egeland, Kuna by pin; defeated Levi Munn, Ontario by pin; defeated Roy Massey, New Plymouth by pin, lost to Ivan Lopez, Columbia by pin
Kade Perrin, 138 lbs. defeated Cody Bumgamer, Fruitland by pin; lost to Cade Hartley, Ontario 4-5, defeated Weston Appa, McCall by pin and defeated Brent Evans, New Plymouth 12-3 for 3rd Place
Garrett Schmidt, 195 lbs. lost to Nick Stethenson, Weiser 6-7, defeated Dakota Franz, Valleyview 16-0, and lost to Nick Zyulka, Fruitland 1-2
Justin Ross, JV Tournament, 120 lbs. defeated by Rylie Dickenson, Weiser by pin, deafeated Dakota Langston, Columbia by pin, and defeated Alec Cope, Bishop Kelley by pin for 3rd place
Joe Halligan, JV Tournament, 160 lbs. lost to Trevor Thomas, Valleyview by pin, defeated Nate Johnson, Bishop Kelley by pin, lost to Jimmy Dovel by pin for 4th place

  2-Orofino, there, 6 p.m.
  7-Kamiah, there, 6 p.m. 
17 & 18-Districts, at Orofino
25 & 26-State at Pocatello

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