KC Hoop Shoot is held
The annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Hoop Shoot was finished on January 28.
126 boys and girls from Prairie School District and Summit Academy participated at ages 10 to 14.
Winners of the Cottonwood Council 1389 competed in a district shoot at Prairie Middle School on Saturday, January 28. The champions received medallions and championship certificates.
Kaitlin Stubbers was the 14-year old girls’ champion and Josh Lustig was the winner of the 14 year old boys’ division.
In the 13 year olds’ bracket, Sarah Seubert was the girls’ champion and Brandon Higgins was the boys’ champion. 
The 12 year old division was won by Tyler Krogh for the boys and Bridget Beckman for the girls.
The 11 year old champion was Savannah Crosby and Hunter Chaffee was the boys winner.
In the youngest division the 10 year old girls champion was Jordyn Higgins and Dylan Schumacher was the boys winner.
This year’s group had a lot of good free throw shooters and their results will be compared with other participants in the state. If they win the state competition their results will go on to international competition in New Haven, CT.

Shown are most of the KC Hoop Shoot winners. From left are Tyler Krogh, Bridget Beckman, Savannah Crosby, Josh Lustig, Jordyn Higgins, Brandon Higgins and Dylan Schumacher.

Sarah Seubert

Hunter Chaffee

Kaitlin Stubbers 

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