109 units donated
“Cottonwood Community, you rocked the blood drive on Tuesday, January 31st.” said Karen Parvin Red Cross Donor Recruitment Representative. “You went 19 over your goal of 90 for 121% of goal!  A couple of weeks ago when it snowed so hard, a blood drive was shut down early and our 2 day WSU drive was cancelled.  That was a huge loss to our unit goal.  Because of great support from all our January donors the Lewiston unit still came in at 101% of a goal.”
“We only had five deferrals, that is almost unheard of,” said blood drive co-chair Cheri Holthaus.  “Everyone must have stuck with their New Year’s resolutions of eating better and exercising so their iron levels were up and the blood pressures were down.”
“The success of our blood drives depends largely upon our volunteers,” said Brenda Kaschmitter, blood drive co-chair.  “Without them the blood drives would not be able to take place.  We would like to thank Marlene Jungert, Theresa Uptmor, Brandi Polumsky, Starla Schumacher, Sue Sonnen, Delores VonBargen, Claudia Gehring, Audrey Uhlenkott, Doris Sonnen and the VFW Post 491 for everything they do from making phones calls, putting up posters, handing out juice, providing lunch for the Red Cross employees to checking in the donors.  We would also like to give a special thanks to the HOSA students who help us tremendously be setting up, tearing down and escorting the donors; Dakota Wilson, Josh Zigler, Josh Roeper, Demetria Riener, Beka Bruner, Daun Hoene, Taylor Heitman, Ashley Ross, Abi Chmelik, Garrett Schmidt, Lydia Lustig, Leah Holthaus and Brandi Gehring.”
Kaschmitter went on to say “we would also like to thank all of the local businesses that allow their employees time to leave their jobs to come in and donate blood.  Since our drive ends at 6:00 p.m. it would be impossible to get everyone in after business hours.  We truly do appreciate their generosity and we know that we couldn’t do this without their support!”
There were seven first timers who came in to donate; two were St. Mary’s Hospital employees; Julie Church and Carri Forsman, and five were Prairie High School students; Josh Roeper, Martina Everson, Rachel Falzon, McKenzie Reiman and Beka Bruner. There were a total of 33 St. Mary’s employees and 15 Prairie High School student who donated blood at this drive.  Along with the first timers there were several who received millstone pins; Ronnie Chandler and Leona Marie received 1 gallon pins, Brandy McElroy received a 2 gallon pin, Diana Holubetz, Laurie Karel and Barb Michels received 3 gallon pins, a 5 gallon pin went to Ed Holthaus, Virgil Frei and Sharon Schaeffer both received 6 gallons pins, Laurine Nightingale received a 7 gallon pin and Katz Jones was given her 8 gallon pin. 
“We hope to see all our past donor as well as some more new donors at our next blood drive which will be held on April 3,” said Kaschmitter.  “If you would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact either myself of Cheri Holthaus at 962-3251.”

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