From the Police Chief
Burglaries, thefts, suspicious persons, stolen vehiclesÖthese add up to 27 reported incidents within Cottonwood last year.  While this may not seem very much if someone is from a larger area, it is an increase from years past, and so far it appears we are on the track to once again break last yearís record.
Part of the problem on resolving many of these incidents is delay in reporting.  We have had folks call us several hours to a week or even months after the incident was discovered or a suspicious person was seen wandering around their premises.  It is extremely important to have folks contact Idaho County Dispatch at 983-1100 or call 911 as soon as they discover something is wrong, or if they see a suspicious person in their yard or residence.  It is just as important that you try not to touch anything if you feel someone has been inside your residence, or has taken an item from you.
Cottonwood has nearly 1000 people and one full time with one part time officer.  There is no way that your police department can patrol 24/7 or anything close to that.  We need your help.  We need you to be involved in your safety and protection.  Lock up your house and vehicles; donít leave things out where thieves can get their hands on them.  It only takes a second for someone to grab an item left out and it is gone forever.
I am asking everyone to be especially attentive now.  We have received three theft or suspicious person complaints within a short amount of time.  However, when we were notified, two calls were many hours old, while one was a week old.  Still, the indication to me is that someone is helping themselves to others property.  
I am sorry to say, but times have changed.  I understand that we all would like to remain in the Cottonwood of our childhood, but we canít.  We have to secure our property, pay attention to who is around, and notify law enforcement when we see something wrong.  The next piece of this is-STAY INVOLVED.  Write statements, sign complaints, follow through.  If the folks who want to help themselves to your property know that you will all be watching each otherís backs, they will be far less likely to remain in our area.  I understand this doesnít get them into prison, but it sends a clear message that while there is a very limited amount of law enforcement officers around, there are nearly 1000 people watching and helping each other, which is the Cottonwood that I remember as a child. 

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