Prairie ROCKS update
Shawna Kaschmitter was our guest at Prairie ROCKS on Monday.  She talked to the class about participating in the RCIA process before joining the Catholic Church during Easter of 2009.  Shawna explained that it was very difficult when she moved away from her family and friends and now being part of the Catholic Church has given her that feeling of being surrounded by family once again.  She encouraged the students to quickly seek out the Catholic Church when they go off to college.  Not only is this good spiritually, but also to help them find familiarity and ‘family’ in the midst of so many changes in their lives.
When asked what she does to continue growing in her faith now that she has been a Catholic for several years, Shawna answered that she takes time to quietly be with Jesus every day and then looks for an opportunity every day to reach out to somebody.  This was such an inspiring answer that we took 10 minutes during class on Tuesday to quietly reflect on and write about a time in our own lives when we saw an opportunity to reach out to somebody and acted upon the opportunity.  
Shawna also described feeling a bit conspicuous at mass when it was all new to her.  This led to encouraging the students to attend mass looking for the message that God has for them in the readings and homily.  Their Lenten challenge is to write in a notebook a word or phrase that stands out to them during mass, then to write a resolution based on that inspiration, that helps them become a better person. 

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