Hunter Safety Class is held
Last week there was a Hunter Safety Class held at Prairie Elementary School for the 6th grade class. This is the only Hunter Education Course in Idaho that is part of the school curriculum. It was held every afternoon for the entire week.   It is under the direction of the Idaho Fish and Game Department.  
The teachers are Eric Wassmuth, Susan Wassmuth and Virgil Wassmuth.  This year they also taught an evening class for women.  There were 10 women that took the class. The three teachers are to be commended for the way they handle the class and impart their knowledge to the kids.  The women said they learned a lot and really appreciated getting to take the class.  Friday both classes went to the gym for range firing.  Also helping that day were Doug and Misty Johnson, Aaron Gehring, Dustin Lustig, Neil Wassmuth, Don Lustig, Jack Gehring, Roy Kinner, Jim Pagel, Tom Gehring, Linda Beckman, Terry Cochran and Chris Duclos.  They all did a great job. 

Women's Gun Safety Class participants.  Back row: Cherylyn Kerley, Emily Ratcliff, Mary Duuck, Chris Remacle, Peggy Matson.  Front row:  Rose Gehring, Connie Uhlenkott, Geralyn Jentges, Susan Duuck, Donna Wassmuth.

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