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To the Editor
I have been reading and hearing a lot of controversy over the incidents on the boys basketball bus. I would just like to comment that while this is absolutely inappropriate behavior, it is just kids being kids and making very bad decisions. It is always easier to point fingers and place the blame on someone else. When does this stop reflecting on the coaches and administration and go back to the parenting? It doesn’t matter how great the parenting skills are, or morals and values they instill in their children, they are still going to do stupid things sometimes. They are children. Should the parents take the blame? 
I am pretty sure as parents we all want to think the best of our children; but it has been my experience that the parents who say “My kid would never do that” often times have the child that does. 
Maybe as a community you should stand behind and support the people you have chosen to lead your children and respect their rules and reprimands. Opinions vary, and unless you are in the position of any of the people directly involved in this situation, you do not know how you would feel, what you would do or say, or what action you would want taken.
Remember that these are high school students who should not need chaperoning on a school activity bus. They are not in preschool. It seems that the coaching staff and other adults who ride the bus should be able to take the travel time to prepare for the game, catch up on other work, or try to relax and meditate for the game. The players should be mature enough not to require a “babysitter” on the bus. Move on and let these individuals get over what they have done. I have no doubt they feel badly enough without having to be constantly reminded. This is not the only school to have something like this take place.
Ultimately we need to remember that young people make bad choices and we were all young once. It is easy to be influenced by peers, but we all make our own choices and need to take responsibility for our own actions.
I believe the community needs to move past this issue and try to focus on the great things your sports teams are accomplishing, and encourage the coaches and administration who are doing a wonderful job to keep up the good work.
Sharon Key

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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