PHS students training to meet area workforce needs
Prairie High School is working hard preparing its youth to meet the workforce needs of our area manufacturers.  
PHS offers classes in Construction, Drafting Technology, Cabinet Making, and Manufacturing.  Teacher Jerry Richardson has developed relationships with area manufacturers who are able to donate critical materials, software, machines to the classes.  These companies offer their time to mentor the classes, internships to the students during the summer and often jobs after graduation.    
Prairie has also participated in the Northwest Intermountain Manufacturers Association’s Solid Works in the High Schools project since the beginning in 2008. Prairie continues to partner with NIMA to give students the opportunity to learn computer aided design software, receive technical advice and manufacturing assistance in milling out student developed designs using Solid Works. Additionally Prairie High School is number 3 in the region in providing LCSC dual credit courses.  With the 12 dual credit courses the school offers a student could technically earn 41 credits and be well on their way to a college degree even before completing high school.  This decreases student’s time and cost for college and gives local businesses a better chance at college bound students returning to the community as their workforce.  
Prairie is currently joining a National Science Foundation pilot project to integrate solid modeling into the school’s current curriculum teaching key science, technology, engineering and math concepts in a practical and hands on manner.  When all the elements of Prairie’s efforts are combined – engaging business, partnerships with manufacturers, professional/technical education including Solid Works, numerous Dual Credit Courses, and participation in the NSF pilot project – you have an impressive foundation for their students to enter the workforce.

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