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Does anyone out there subscribe to the Grit magazine?  If so, could the Library borrow a copy for some needed addresses and references.  
Along with the usual busy work week, it was also the monthly meeting that included the annual report and election of officers.  By unanimous vote the officers will remain the same for one more year.  Stacie Milliman appeared before the board and presented a proposal for a fund raiser to be used for purchase of new books and replacing worn out books for the children's section.  This will be held in conjunction with the city wide yard sale and will be held upstairs in the Community Hall.  The board voted to support her endeavors and information will be forthcoming. 
Another subject discussed was a Story Hour for the younger set.  Is there an interest and if so, would you bring your child/children to the library for such an event?   Would you or someone you know be willing to volunteer as a reader occasionally?   
As more books are acquired, the Local Author and area history section is becoming more visible and in demand.  If you are the owner of such a book and would be willing to donate it to the library it would be very appreciated.  Many of the books have been out of publication for some time and are very hard, if not impossible to find.  It was pointed out during the meeting that what is being advertised as New Arrivals, perhaps are not correctly identified.  They include books that are new to the library, not necessarily newly published books.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  
We extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to volunteer time at the Library.  There is always a need for more people to help with those ongoing things that need tended to from organizing the books, updating files, identifying categories of books to janitorial work.  It is often impossible for the librarian to find time for more than serving the daily needs of the patrons.  There is a job for anyone who would be willing to spend a few hours in the library.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are regular library days.  If interested, drop by and chat with us or call 962-3714.

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