Prairie ROCKS update
Once again the Prairie ROCKS class had the great blessing of hearing from a faithful resident of the Camas Prairie.  It never ceases to amaze our class what deep faith runs through the members of our fine community. 
 Karla Krogh did an excellent job relating her experience of helping her husband, Jeff, recover from a serious head and neck injury he sustained in a race car accident.  The students pointed out that throughout Karla’s story there was a common theme of “community support” that lifted them up during their year spent at the Denver rehabilitation hospital. 
Community support was extended in a variety of ways:
~ Within an hour of receiving the news of Jeff’s accident, friends and neighbors arrived at Karla’s home to be with her.  
~ Soon after that a NASCAR friend sent his private jet to fly her to Wisconsin where Jeff was in a trauma hospital.  
~ A few days later, another NASCAR friend made all the arrangements to have Jeff moved to the rehab hospital in Denver.  
~ Upon their arrival in Denver, they were introduced to a team of doctors, therapists and support personnel who would assist them at every stage of the recovery.
~ A young woman from Denver who had attended school in Kamiah with Jeff’s older brother came to visit Karla every day for that year.
~ A friend from NC sent them a package or card in the mail every week for that year.
~ A family  member obtained holy water from Lourdes, France and sent it to Karla.
~ Karla’s mother spent much time in Denver caring for her infant son so that Karla wouldn’t have to be separated from him.
~ Other family members came to visit them throughout the year.
~ They received literally thousands of cards and letters in the mail.
This outpouring of compassion and community support kept Karla strong as she assisted Jeff in his recovery.  
Prairie ROCKS has become an extremely valuable part of the Prairie Faith Formation Program.  Please consider supporting our own community by contacting Leah Prigge [208-962-2357] to volunteer to share part of your story with our high school PFFP students. It is time well spent and very valuable in the Catholic education of our high school students. 

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