Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

I have sat back and read and listened to many comments about the boyís basketball incident. I feel sad that there are so many rumors floating around about how we as coaches need to be more accountable, and how could we let this kind of incident happen in our control?
First, I would like to express that I am sorry for the victim/victims as well as the accused. I know that I come from a family where we are all less than perfect and have definitely screwed up. However, the real question is how are we going to fix this as a community? We claim that we are all Christian and God-fearing yet when someone screws up we canít wait to point the finger and look at where to put the blame. We want to nail people to the cross and then never let them off. At what point to do we join hands and say that this was a negative thing but letís move forward.
Secondly, from a coaching point of view I know that I am entrusted to take care of my kids, foster them and teach them to the best of my abilities. I have to admit that I donít want to become a glorified baby-sitter or teen-sitter. I know that I canít possibly watch all 24 kids I had this year at every second. I have to trust that they have been raised with good morals. I guess blaming the coach seems like a slap in the face to me and I am sorry for Mr. Teel Bruner!
I know this is a strange statistic to keep track of, but, I tracked just my coaching hours in the gym, at games, districts and while at the State Tournament in Boise. I think it would surprise most people that I spent 362 plus hours with my kids this season. This is also minus open gyms this past summer, scouting games, watching video and summer league.
Does anyone know what I took home as a wage this year coaching, after taxes? I think it would shock most people that my wage was $2,619.84 for four monthís of coaching that is not baby-sitting or teen-sitting. If people want to make us out to be baby-sitters or teen-sitters, then please pay me for that wage. I figured out after talking to a few babysitters in the area that I could expect to make $2.00 per hour. Please see figure below:
240 (hours) x24 kidsx$2.00 per hour=$11,520.00
122 (hours) x11 kidsx$2.00 per hour=$2684.00 (this is after JV season ends)
Total baby-sitting wage after four months: $13,704.00x 2 (coaches)-$27,408.00. This is incredibly more than the $2619.84 I received this year. I would much rather that be my true wage is I am going to be considered a babysitter.
I would also like to have one keep in mind the following that came out of my pocket, this was my choice:
$500 on T-shirts for the kids.
$300 on meals I paid for and milkshakes.
$150 on balloons and gifts sent to our kids and other teams.
$300 on gift cards for thank-yous.
Minus my hourly wage from work, two hours each day, the time I take away from work plus the time to go to summer camp, and all the summer open gyms I run.
I just want the community to know, that itís okay to be disappointed, but this issue needs to be resolved in a grown-up way. Blaming Mr. Teel Bruner is a gross oversight. Teel, like myself, is a coach and we are not perfect. We are basically volunteers that enjoy the kids and what we do!! Thatís why we coach!! I think if you read the above facts one can come to the conclusion that we are not here for the pay we receive. So before you are so quick to blame and label the coaching program, please walk a mile in our shoes, and then hold us to perfect standards.
I hope that we can all learn from this unfortunate situation. Now we need to bridge the gap, and hopefully all grow together from this negative situation.
Oh Yes, by the way, congratulations to the girls for being the ď2012 State Champs.Ē
Lori Mader

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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