Sheryl Nuxoll to seek re-election
State Senator Sheryl Nuxoll announced that she will seek re-election to the Idaho State Senate in the May Republican Primary in the new District 7.  “It is an honor to serve Idaho in the State Senate,” Nuxoll said. “I want to continue to use my business background as a conservative voice for rural and small communities.  I thank those who have given me their support.”  
First elected in 2010, Senator Nuxoll represents District 8.  The new District 7 encompasses all of Shoshone, Clearwater, and Idaho Counties, and divides Bonner County— all land south of Lake Pend Oreille and east of Highway 95 will be in the new district.
Nuxoll currently serves on the Agricultural Affairs, Judiciary and Rules, and the Health and Welfare Committees.
Committed to protecting the fundamental right to life, Nuxoll co-sponsored the Fetal Pain Capable bill, which bans any abortions after 20 weeks.  This bill is based on recent scientific studies finding that the unborn can feel pain at this early stage of their development.   This year, she is co-sponsoring a bill that requires a woman be provided an ultrasound before she aborts her baby in Idaho.
Additionally, Senator Nuxoll supported many initial efforts to block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Idaho, including co-sponsoring the only successful attempt, House Bill 298.   This session, she is fighting ongoing federal Health and Human Services mandates associated with this law and has proposed a non-binding memorial to Congress opposing federal requirements that health insurance cover abortion, sterilization, and contraception.  These federal mandates violate religious and conscience rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.
Senator Nuxoll co-sponsored a bill declaring the federal government's introduction of wolves to Idaho a state disaster.  
A strong advocate of creating the best education system for our youth with more local control,  She supported last year’s education reform laws that recognize the need to improve the quality of public education in innovative ways with fewer resources.   She also co-sponsored the creation of the Idaho National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program, in Pierce, which educates and mentors dropouts from high school. 
Senator Nuxoll was designated an Ag All Star Legislator for 2012 by the Food Producers of Idaho, recognizing her support for Idaho’s agriculture and resource industries.  Nuxoll received a 100% conservative rating from The Idaho Conservative group.  
She is dedicated to her motto of “less government, more opportunity.”

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