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Delbert (Clem) Nuxoll is the artist of the month at Prairie Community Library.  He has many pictures but his wife, Jeannette, only brought in a few of them. 
Delbert started painting because he was disabled and needed to keep busy all the time. His sister Myrna Davis got him started and with a few lessons from her and “how to paint a picture” shows on T.V. and away he went. He really liked to paint animals but in reality, his landscapes and still life was where he showed his best talent. He worked with oils in his painting.  After he finished a painting he would ask his wife her opinion and sometimes he did not like what she had to say.  She had her favorites though and would encourage him to keep going. 
Delbert painted pictures for his children and grandchildren. He even got a kid or grandkid to paint with him hoping they would get an interest in it. Delbert painted on canvas, old saws, buckets, shovels or whatever looked like a tree, river or flowers could fit on. The main thing is, he really enjoyed his painting hobby and we are glad he did; because if you are lucky enough to have a painting (maybe a bucket or saw) it will remind you of a soft hearted, jolly, old, self made artist guy you used to know.  Delbert passed away July 24, 2010 but will be remembered by his friends for a very long time. 
 He wrote a lot of poems and has had 3 of them published.  He also had two books published.  He did all his painting at the kitchen table.  Most of his works are memories from the past where he was raised on Reservation Rd and later lived in Keuterville.  He had a lot of friends and talked about them and his experiences doing logging or going on fishing trips in his stories and poems.   If you want a look at the past and what it was like growing up in this area around the middle of the 20th century, read his book.  Each chapter is a very interesting short story.  The library has copies available for checkout. 
The library will be having a yard sale in the main room upstairs this year during the Community Yard Sale, for easier access.  They will be selling food for a fund raiser to buy children’s books for the library.  They are also welcoming anyone who would like to have a yard sale with them for a small donation toward the hall rental.  So anyone in or out of town wanting to sell their stuff can come and have an indoor sale with the library.  Call for reservations and to let them know how much space you need.  Contact the Library at 962-3714 or Donna at 962-3561.

The paintings by Delbert Nuxoll that are on display at the Library this month.

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