Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor, 
I never got any of my school pictures when I went to St. Josephs Elementary School from 1942 until 1950 and I was wondering if anyone in my class during those years have any they could put in the paper. I've seen my brothers class in there, in 1948 so I would have been a 6th grader back then, and it sure brought back memories. I also didn't get my First Communion Picture, from 1944, so if anyone can help me out there, I'd sure be the happiest gal around. I hope I see a lot of everyone at the School Reunion. I don't get to see very many of you on the two times I come there to see my family. So will you make my day and see if you have any of these, and publish them in the paper, I'd be happy to have the Editor bill me for putting them in if there is a fee. Thank you my friends, and I sure hope we have a great week-end for the Big Celebration. My name back then was Delories Bruegeman. I hope you remember me. See you soon in August. 
Yours truly, 
Delories Berg

To the Editor
A Good Choice
Steve Didier is my choice for Idaho County Commissioner, District One.  I have been acquainted with Steve for many years and know him to be honest and open.  
He has experience overseeing the budget for local, state and national volunteer organizations.  He has lived in Idaho County for 38 years and his work for the US Forest Service tells us he knows the county and the Forest Service processes. Steve served on the North Central Idaho Resource Advisory Council giving him experience working with diverse user groups.  
Steve's philosophy is summed up in a quote from his campaign brochure:  "Idaho County is faced with a number of monumental budgetary challenges now and in the near future.  I believe that the county and its' citizens are up to the task of finding workable solutions to those challenges.  But solutions can only be found if the public and the commission are willing to work together in a spirit of openness and transparency."  
Steve is a serious candidate with the experience to do justice to the job of Idaho County Commissioner.  Vote for Steve Didier in the Primary Election, May 15.  If you want to talk with Steve, call him.  He's in the phone book.
Janice Inghram
Grangeville, ID

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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