Summit names Virtue winners
Virtue winners for the two most recent sessions were released this week by Summit Academy officials, naming seniors Nicole Frei and Courtney Schwartz as recipients of the Sincerity award and juniors Kody Duclos and Dan Wemhoff who the selected two ending the Diligence campaign.
During these campaigns students are challenged to work on the selected virtue modeling saints chosen to best represent the desired action. Selections involve ratings by students themselves, nomination by fellow students, with an input from the classroom teacher who takes into consideration how well the students model the virtue, and finally, the rating they receive for the bi-weekly classroom tasks they are assigned.
Currently, students are challenged to make progress in the area of Modesty, involving not only dress, but also in speech, action, and overall demeanor. The saints chosen as models for this period are St. Maria Goretti and St. Dominic Savio.
Students are also encouraged frequently to keep up their New Year’s resolutions, and during the season of Lent, to stick to their goal relating to some action chosen for that season.

Hotshot winners are named
The long campaign to determine Summit Academy’s annual Hotshot winners ended last week with the following students claiming the top awards:
3rd/4th grade girls and boys: Hope Schwartz, champion and Claire Osborne, runner-up. Cole Schlader, champion and Tyler Wemhoff, runner-up.
5th/6th grade girls and boys: Angie Wemhoff, champion, Lauren Stubbers, runner-up and Theresa Wemhoff, third place.
7th/8th grade girls and boys: Joline Chmelik, champion. Justin Schumacher, champion, Thomas Schwartz, runner-up and Tyler Krogh, 3rd place.
High School girls: Megan Rehder, champion.
Athletes were encouraged to practice and to begin recording up to five preliminary scores in the contest, starting last year in November. Each session involves two minutes during which time the contestant shoots one three, worth 3 points, two twos from 6-10 feet away, each worth 2 points, then three lay-ups around the basket, each worth 1 point if made. A perfect round then totals 10 points. The athlete then returns to the three line as quickly as possible and restarts as many rounds as possible during the two-minute time limit.
During the preliminary period, scores are kept on up to five recorded scores, then students with the three highest totals ean the right to go into the final shootoff, held just this past week. Winners of that shootoff are the students named above.
Conflicting schedules prevented several students from competing, and shooting during the one week final shootoff, thus reducing the numbers actually competing in each bracket. During the prelims however, sophomore Matthew Schwartz set and all-time record with a score of 68, best by far over the four years the contest has been held.
Other record holders over the entire history of the contest at Summit:
3rd/4th girls: Angie Wemhoff 36, Theresa Wemhoff 25.
3rd/4th boys: Tyson Schlader 44, Justin Wassmuth 41.
5th/6th girls: Kayla Schumacher 48, Joline Chmelik 46, Angie Wemhoff 46*
5th/6th boys: Chris Osborne 50, Josh Lustig 50.
7th/8th girls: Brooke Schumacher 51, Kayla Schumacher 49
7th/8th boys: Josh Lustig 55, Rhett Schlader 54.
High School girls: Megan Rehder 60*; Savanah Prigge 48
High School boys: Matthew Schwartz 68*; Austin Chmelik 60, Josh Frei 60.
*scores set this year.

2 named to all-state team
Summit Academy’s Savanah Prigge was named to the All-State first team for 1A-Div. 2 girls basketball by the Idaho Statesman.
Kayla Schumacher meanwhile was named to the second team.

10-at Lapwai, 3:30 p.m.
17-at Kamiah, 4 p.m.
24-White Pine League Meet, at Lapwai, 3 p.m.
27-Nez Perce-Lewis & Clark Games, at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
3-Meet of Champions, at Lewiston, 2 p.m.
11-District I/II Regionals, at Lapwai, 2 p.m.
12-District I/II Regionals, at Lapwai, 10:30 a.m.
18-1A D1 & D2 State Meet, Mountain View HS, Meridian, 3 p.m.

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