Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor,
While Skip Brandt was representing District 8 in the Idaho Senate, Idahoans throughout the state had no better champion of property, water and firearms rights.  Skip made sure that ALL of the basic rights we enjoy in Idaho stayed intact on his watch.  Skip earned an A rating from the National Rifle Association and I had the pleasure of working with Skip on firearms and hunting issues and found him to be an excellent caretaker of the rights we enjoy here.
Idaho County residents have a chance to reelect a solid conservative who will be a bulldog when it comes to ensuring that our personal freedoms are strengthened and not weakened.  I would urge you to return Skip to his Idaho County Commissioner seat.
Dwight Van Horn,
Board of Directors, National Rifle association
Hayden, ID

Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor and Patrons of Idaho County;
Where will you be Tuesday May 15th? We will be voting in the Idaho County Primary Election. Who will be our choice for Idaho County Commissioner? We are casting our ballot for Skip Brandt.
Why do we select Skip? Because he cares about Idaho County.
Join us May 15th and vote for a true leader; Skip Brandt.
We care,
Bill & Eileen Uhlenkott
Fenn, ID

Dear Editor,
Republicans have some very basic principle beliefs that separate them from all other polictical parties.  This statement of beliefs can be found in the Idaho GOP Platform.  Last week we invited the candidates who are running as Republicans to address the Idaho County Republican Central Committee in a forum.  I gave each candidate a questionnaire and asked them to fill it out.  The questionnaire asked the candidates if they supported each of the principle beliefs that are listed in the Platform.  Two candidates, Steve Didier and Greg Smith, have been unwilling to return the questionnaire to the Central Committee.  Republican candidates who aren't willing to admit that they support and believe in Republican ideals concern me.  All voters, regardless of political party, should question why any candidate would proclaim to be something they are not.
Marge Arnzen
Idaho County Republican Chair

Dear Editor,
 When it comes to leadership and getting things done wouldn't you like to have a man of action or do you want someone full of Hot Air?
Vote for a man of action, Skip Brandt for District one Commissioner on May 15
 Shorty Arnzen

Dear Editor
I had a letter in last week's Free Press asserting that we have Democratic candidates and their supporters posing as Republicans. To get elected here they must hide from the policies of the National Democratic Party. In last week's Free Press was an election bio on county commissioner candidate Steve Didier, indicating his support of zoning for Idaho County. Another article covering the county Democratic caucus stated, "participant Jerry Asker of Grangeville lobbied support for Republican Idaho County Commission candidate Steve Didier". 
My suspicions were reaffirmed.
Some say party doesn't matter but I disagree. I believe the Republican Party looks to private industry and business to lead and solve our problems while the Democrats think more government is the solution. Do you want more government in your life? We still have a lot of freedom to lose. Please vote carefully. Thanks
Lucky Brandt  
Kooskia, ID 83539

To the Editor
I support Steve Didier, Sr. Republican Candidate for Idaho County Commissioner, District 1 and here is why.
We need someone representing Idaho County who believes in the experience and knowledge of the people that live and work here. Steve believes the commissioners and the people need to work together. Now there's a promising opportunity!
Steve is a long time resident of Idaho County and has personal experience with occupations such as timber, sawmill, outfitting and guiding, emergency services, government and volunteer organizations.
Steve spends his free time recreating on the lands around Idaho County or volunteering to make them a better place. 
Steve is someone we need as an Idaho County Commissioner. 
Joyce L. Olmstead

To the Editor
I am supporting Steve Didier, Sr. for Idaho County Commissioner in District 1. I am Director of STOP the SWAP. We are a grassroots Citizen group who is opposing the Lochsa Land Exchange. In that capacity I have tried to reach out and communicate with our current Board of Commissioners.We need Commissioners who will react professionally and courteously with their constituents even when they disagree on policy. I have met with Didier and believe he will conduct an honest and open style of government that will listen to the people. Please help us take back our local Government and return to the days when Commissioners represent their Constituents and not just a select special interest group.
Thank You,
Ray Payton
Director, Stop the Swap

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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