Christine Munger is artist of the month
Prairie Community Library is excited to present the Artist of the Month, Christine Munger. 
This Cottonwood artist delights in filling her scenes of rural and small town life with the little things like Rhode Island Reds she used to raise, the quilt patterns from her own home or the family dog can be found in her works.
“It’s fun to put detail in and see if people will spot it right away or later,” she said. “They like to hunt for things.”
Her style of work, has been called “primitive,” “gothic” as well as Americana. She has been compared with her contemporary, the renowned Charles Wysocki. “It would be nice to be just as good as him,” Munger said. “I don’t consider myself a natural artist because I have to work really hard at it.”
Her popularity belies her modesty. She’s been a featured artist in galleries throughout the West, profiled in Country Woman magazine and her painting, “Pumpkin Patch,” appeared on the cover of the 1995 Country Home Folk Art Calendar.
Collectors across the United States and in several foreign countries own her originals and limited edition prints. CD sized calendars featuring Munger’s painting are sold in Japan, where such old-fashioned American hominess is popular. Her work also has been showcased on Aleene’s Creative Living on TNN.
Munger explained her fascination with Americana with the fact that “I’m kind of old-fashioned at heart, I like to garden and preserve my own food and I love living in the country. It’s just my type of living.” 
It is here they found “honesty, moral values in a way of life and where everything moves at a slower pace.”
The titles of her paintings sound like a litany of the joys of simpler times, “Strawberry Fair,” “The Little Red School House,” “Sleigh Ride,” “The Skaters,” and “A Sunday Picnic.” Several of these are now on display in the library along with beautiful pencil sketches of various birds.
Recognition is still somewhat staggering for Munger, who first picked up a brush in 1987 after being charmed by a folk art picture on the cover of Country Woman. She began painting as a way to relieve the boredom of moving from apartment to apartment every two months as her husband traveled with his job.
After practicing and improving her technique on her own, Munger gathered up her paintings, and her courage, and approached several galleries. Gallery owners encouraged the new artist and even told her never to take lessons because it would ruin her distinctive style.
All paintings displayed in the library will be available for purchase.
Please visit the library and enjoy the display. 

Several of Christine Munger’s paintings at the Library. Photo provided by Laurine Nightingale.

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