Boise Jr. High choir performs at Monastery Chapel
On Thursday, April 19, nearly 100 junior high singers filed into the chapel to perform an afternoon concert. The choir presented a variety of music, from classical to African tribal, for the Sisters, some students from Prairie Elementary and other guests.
The St. Gertrude’s performance was a stop for the West Junior High Choir of Boise that was en route to Coeur D’Alene for the Idaho Music Educators Association’s All-State Convention happening the next day.
"It's not every day that a 98-voice choir performs for us," said Prioress Sister Clarissa Goeckner. "This must be our lucky day. Thanks for the beauty of your voices."
Director Paul Olson had sent in an audition CD and his choir was among four chosen statewide to be featured in the event’s concerts. Other selected groups were the Vandaleers from University of Idaho, the Kuna High School Women’s Choir and the Idaho Falls High School Choir.
“We needed a place to stop,” explains Olson. “My daughter did a project on Polly Bemis a few years ago and we took a family trip to Cottonwood to visit the Historical Museum. I was impressed with the Chapel and thought the acoustics were wonderful. I’d always wanted to take a choir there.”
In addition to performing, the students also visited the Historical Museum. The choir’s return trip included performances at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes in Spokane and in Kennewick, Washington.
The choir began their performance with Bach’s “Alleluia.” Part of the 98-member choir performed from the rear balcony while the rest of the choir performed from the front. “It was ecstatic and heavenly to be surrounded by all that sound,” says Sister Valine Kachelmier. “I wished it would never end.”

A 96-voice choir from Boise’s West Junior High performed at the Monastery Chapel last Thursday, April 19.

Students also performed from the Chapel’s balcony.

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