Relay for Life update
Whoo Hoo!  It is May and time for all our ACS Clearwater To Salmon Rivers Relay For Life teams to be gearing up for the final two months before our 2012 event at the Grangeville High School track.  
This year's theme of 50's Rock&Roll Relay has all the teams planning their fun costumes and camp decorations.  Some of us, not me unfortunately, do not remember anything about life in the 1950's or their style of clothing so if you happen to have some things in the back of your closet that may be borrowed for the event, we would appreciate it and will make sure they are returned laundered.  Thank you.  
Also, we would love to add a few more teams to the 16 that are registered so if you are thinking about having a team just give Jody, Carolyn, or Tami a call and they can easily get you going.  The most memorable part of any ACS Relay For Life event is the number of friends and family you are able to connect with and share an unforgettable experience with.  The survivors will always remember your participation with thankfulness for taking the time to make them feel good and special, so mark July 20 as Relay For Life day and join a team!  
There are many activities in the works from teams in the next two months with one of them being the famous Cottonwood City Yard Sales and BBQ at the Mini Village on Saturday, May 19th.  There will be many wheels and deals for you to choose from so make plans to attend.  For more info contact Carolyn @983-6392 or Tami @ 983-6505. Happy Relaying,  Whoo Hoo!!


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