Rambo now a certified officer
Cottonwood Police Officer Jason Rambo graduated from Idaho Peace Officers Training and Standards (POST) 2012 Cottonwood Police chief Terry Cochran with Jason Rambo at POST.Reserve Level 1 class at the POST academy in Meridian, Idaho on April 28, 2012. Rambo received  a Marksmanship award for qualifying with a score of 97. The ceremony was officiated by Magistrate Judge Daniel Steckel, who administered the Code of Ethics to the graduates.
POST holds one Reserve academy per year.  During the training officers study Idaho Law, traffic collisions, crime scene investigation, DUI procedures, domestic violence, emergency vehicle operations and fire arms as well as numerous other areas to ensure that they not only meet the standards as Reserve Officers, they also meet the standards of full time officers in Idaho.  They spend days in Meridian on the firing range qualifying with pistol as well as shotguns, practice emergency vehicle driving on established courses at the academy, and spend 2-3 nights a week in school doing online studies.  The unique thing with the Reserve Academy is that they are not done solely at the academy as full time classes are done.  The students give up their evenings to go to a local school, in this case Prairie High School, to access the Idaho Education Network system.  This is a interactive computer system which allows the student to communicate with the instructor while remaining in their home area.
During his training time Officer Rambo was not being paid either.  He donated his time for the studies at the school, took vacation time from his job to attend the hands on portions of the class, and drove down to Meridian in his own vehicle.
Cottonwood Police would like to thank Prairie High School Principal Randy Brown and Superintendent Rene' Forsmann for their assistance in opening up the school and providing the IEN system so that Officer Rambo could complete the training.  We would also like to thank the Juvenile Justice Commission for assisting with reimbursements for Officer Rambo's travel expenses. Without the cooperation and assistance provided we could not have gotten Officer Rambo certified.
What the certification means is that Officer Rambo is now fully accredited, and can perform all the duties of a full time Police Officer in the State of Idaho.  This will benefit the City of Cottonwood as well as Idaho County by having another certified officer who can work in the area.  Currently Officer Rambo is employed part time by a grant through the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission which is focused on Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws.  He has been working in the schools to help teach students to make good choices regarding drug and alcohol use as well as providing Party Patrols in the area.  With the weather warming up he will be out checking known party areas for juvenile parties.
Cottonwood Police is proud to add Officer Jason Rambo to our accredited staff.

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