PHS play set for May 14
The Prairie High School Drama Department Presents “Aunt Maggity’s Dark and Stormy Night” by Edith Weiss.
There are laughs a plenty and personalities galore in this light-hearted romp of a mystery that has a little bit of everything! Aunt Maggity, a horror novelist who lives up on an isolated mountain top, keeps black widows in the bathroom, stuffed cobras on her writing desk and a heartbreaking secret just under the surface. This play has it all—from creepy spiders, suspense and comedic chaos comes a sense of familial love, forgiveness and what just might be the first happy ending in Aunt Maggity’s career.
Join us for an evening of light-hearted theatre entertainment.  When?  Monday, May 14th  Where? Prairie H.S. Gym  Time?  7:00 p.m.


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