Primary election is Tuesday
The Primary Election is next Tuesday, May 15 with polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
This year there are new rules that say you need to declare yourself as a registered Republican, Democrat or Independent.
Only registered Republicans are allowed to vote on the Republican ballot but both Democrats and Independents can vote the Democratic ticket.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECLARE A PARTY AFFILIATION TO VOTE IN THE SCHOOL ELECTION if you want to vote in only the school election and not the rest of the ballots. The same is true for the non-partisan Judicial Election.
The school trustee races were unopposed and the incumbents will be declared the winners. An override levy of $387,000 will be on the ballot. This is about 2% less than last year’s override.
See below an article from Idaho County Clerk Kathy Ackerman answering several questions posed by voters.
Nearly all the contested races on the primary ballot are on the Republican side and for most of those there are no Democrats even on the ballot so that the Republican winner in the primary will be the general election winner as well.
For example the Idaho County Sheriff race where you have incumbent Republican Doug Giddings facing a challenge from Greg Smith, Herb Lindsey and John J. Nida in the primary while there are no Democrats on the ballot.
Also the Idaho County Commissioner First District where incumbent Republican Skip Brandt faces a challenge from Steve Didier, Sr. Ron Andrews is also on the ballot but has dropped out of the race due to health reasons.
Republican incumbent Third District Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik is the only candidate for that office as is Republican incumbent Kirk MacGregor for County Prosecuting Attorney.
In the legislative races current Republican Senator Sheryl Nuxoll is facing a primary challenge from Mary Wade Hesston who is from the northern part of the redrawn District 7. This is another race with no Democrats filed.
This is the same for District 7 State Representative Position A. Sheryl MacMillan is an incumbent representative from what used to be a different district. She faces Rex Rammell and Ed Galloway in the Republican primary with no Democrats filed for the position.
The one race that is contested in both parties is for U.S. Representative. Incumbent Republican Raul Labrador is facing a challenge in the primary from Reed C. McCandless. On the Democratic side Cynthia Clinkingbeard and Jimmy Farris are vying to see makes the November ballot.
For State Representative Position B, incumbent Republican Paul Shepherd is unopposed in the primary but will face Democrat James J. Paradiso in November.

Get answers before election day
by Kathy M. Ackerman, Idaho County Clerk 
Don't let the recent changes requiring party affiliation keep you away from the upcoming May 15 Primary election. County clerks across the state are willing and ready to help voters through these changes, so don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns. Below are some basic steps that will assist you (and us) prior to Election Day:
1. Contact us prior to May 15! Your experience at the polls will be much easier if you contact us ahead of time to make some of the necessary changes. Contact us by phone at 983-2751 or come by the elections office on the main floor of the Idaho County Courthouse, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
2. Are you registered to vote? If not, you have a number of options. Election day registration is available at the polls (bring your ID and proof of residency); or you may register ahead of time by visiting, printing the registration form and mailing it to our office at Idaho County Elections, 320 West Main Street, Grangeville, ID 83530; or you can register in person at our office in the courthouse. Please be aware that the deadline for voter preregistration is April 20 for those wishing to vote at the polls. After April 20, you may still register to vote in our office, but you must also vote absentee at that time.
3. Party Affiliation Basics: The Republican Primary is open to registered Republicans only. If you are already affiliated with a party other than the Republican Party, you will not be able to vote the Republican ballot. If you are `unaffiliated,' you will be able to declare your party affiliation by printing the "Party Affiliation" form from, by completing the form in our office or by affiliating at the polls on election day. The Democratic Primary is open to registered Democrats, members of other parties and unaffiliated voters. All voters may vote the nonpartisan ballot including judicial offices, bond and levy elections and local measures. So, in a nutshell, if you want to vote the Republican ballot, you must be affiliated with the Republican Party. This is the question we are getting the most, so please be prepared and chose your party affiliation before election day in order to save time at the polls. 
4. Early Voting/Absentee Voting: Voters may contact us prior May 9 to request an absentee ballot in the event they prefer to vote at home. Voters may also come to our office on or before May 11 and vote absentee in our office. 
5. Know your polling place! Please contact us if you have a question about where you need to go to vote or visit our website at for a list of polling places.
6. Please be patient with us! This change also affects our office and poll workers. While all workers have been trained to handle your questions, your patience and consideration will be greatly appreciated.
Whether or not you agree with the new process and changes, please don't forfeit your right to vote in order to make a statement. Our country and our county are great because people care -- care enough to be a voter!

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