Cottonwood City Council meets
A conditional use permit was approved at the May meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, May 14.
Summer Emmert and Jeff Martin had applied for a conditional use permit to locate Emmertís law office in a former house on Hogan Street that they have been remodeling. 
In a public hearing held prior to the regular council meeting it was noted that 29 of the 30 landowners that might be affected sent in positive responses and the 30th one did not send in a response at all. The Planning & Zoning Commission voted to approve the permit at their hearing.
In other business the person who purchased the former Twins Bar building on Main Street appeared and voiced some concerns with the building inspector. She is looking to remodel the building and put in a mercantile store that would specialize in sportsman type clothing.
Since Mayor Denis Dumanís business has been contracted to do the electrical work, councilor Ron Grant offered to talk with the building inspector and get his side of the story and then see if something can be worked out.
In the reports water commissioner Pat Holthaus said they had about a 16% loss in water, about 438,000 gallons out of 2, 681,000 pumped. At this point no new leaks are showing up. If anyone sees one, contact the city.
Ron Grant reported an offender crew was out doing the annual cleanup in the agriforest last week. 
Jack Duman reported they are getting streets ready for sealcoating. They are looking at about $68,000 worth of work to be done, probably at the end of July. Duman also talked with the Idaho Department of Transportation about doing the business loop and they agreed to fund doing Main St. and King St. at an additional $73,000 with the work to be done the same time the city is doing their streets.
Later in the meeting the council approved a contract from ITD regarding this work by adopting Resolution 2012-2. After the adoption Mayor Duman said he wanted to thank Jack and Roy for keeping up such good relations with ITD.
Jack Duman also reported they will be contacting citizens regarding mag chloride application on some of the gravel streets. This would likely be done in June.
Grant reported they had one fire call in the past month as there was another fire in the railroad ties that was started when a controlled burn got away from a citizen. The railroad was supposed to start removing the ties May 1 but it appears they are all still there.
Two of the city fire engines were pump tested and passed. One has a valve that needed replaced and the other a valve they need to keep an eye on.
They also had the Kindergartners visit last week.
In new business the city had a letter from the state saying they would discontinue payment for sewer charges in their portion of the former housing area. Grant said they are still getting flow from the sewer line up there. Roy Uhlenkott said that actually it was a LOT of flow. Mayor Duman offered to respond with a letter pretty much saying as long as they have flow from the sewer lines up there they will be assessed sewer charges.
In other business the transfer of the beer, wine and liquor licenses for the former Lowellís Saloon to Doreen Ash was approved. She will rename the business Doreenís Main Street Saloon.
The council adjourned to an executive session to discuss personnel at 8:20 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, June 11 at 7 p.m.

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