Junior High track season wrapup
What an awesome experience!  As a coach I couldnít have asked for a better group of 7th and 8th graders to coach.  Jake Bruner triple jumping at a junior high meet.Each and every one of them pushed themselves to better their times.  They were responsive to coaching and willing to cheer on their teammates.  So I hope each of these tracksters had as good of a season as I did.  
Our girlís team was lead by two 8th graders who ran last year.   Krystin Uhlenkott, who cleared 15 feet in the long jump and ran a one minute and four second 400 meters.  Shayla Vonbargon cleared 4 feet 6 inches in the high jump and was a great team leader for the new members.   Hailey Danly in her first year came in and threw the shot put over 33 feet to win the event, meet after meet.   Sarah Seubert  who threw the discus over 65 feet and placed every meet and pushed Krystin in the 400 meters, running her best time in a minute and ten seconds.   Abbie Uhlenkott, once again showed the heart that I have seen displayed many times by running the 800 meters in a time of 2 minutes and 50 seconds.  She also cleared 4 feet 6 inches in the high jump.  Our eighth graders are an amazing bunch of athletes.  
Our 8th graders were supported by and challenged by 5 equally talented 7th graders.  Chaye Uptmor put the pressure on Krystin U all season in the 400 meters, running a time of 1 minute and 7 seconds.   One of the runners who next year will dominate the mid distance runs.   Bailie Gehring, who continuously improved over the season, adding the most distance in shot and discus and cutting the most time off in the 100 and 200 times of any girl on the team.  Tiffany Sonnen, Each and every meet her confidence grew, paying attention to details, she was our top runner in the 75 hurdles.  Running the event in the mid 15 seconds.  Samantha Remacle, what a wonderful enthusiasm to carry around with the team.  She competed in the high jump at over 4 feet and running the 200 meters she will be force to be watched next year.  Our last 7th grader is one of those athletes that challenge a coach.  Mykaela McWilliams, she can run everything from long to short, hurdles to jumping.   Where do you run someone with that ability to be competitive in any event?  Well she had our best times for the team in the 100 meters, the 200 meters and the 1600 meters and the 200 hurdles.  A very gifted runner who along with all the athletes above should make Prairie Track successful for the next 5 years.   
Along with individual events each of the athletes above ran well in the team relays.   At the end of the season we continuously won at least 3 of the relays and placed a close second in the fourth.  Our 400 relay consisted of Shayla to Tiffany to Samantha to Hailey.  Our 800 relay consisted of  Hailey to Mykaela to Shayla to Krystin running in a time of 1 minute and 58 seconds.   Our medley relay consisted of Chaye to Sarah to Hailey to Abbie, running in a time of 2 minutes and 8 seconds.   Our 1600 relay chased Grangeville all year and consistently knocked off 4 or more seconds from their previous best time.  The team consisted of Shayla to Sarah to Chaye to Krystin, running in a season best of 4 minutes and 46 seconds.  The other detail to mention is that the girls ranked 3 of their relays in the top ten in the state for the Junior High level.  Thatís top ten out of every JR High in the State.   Great job Girls. 
Mykaela McWilliams running the 200 hurdles at a jr. high track meet.The Boys team was led by 9 outstanding 8th graders.  Each athlete improved during the season, bettering their times and contributing to the team score.  Andrew Geis ran most every event this season, some how keeping a smile on his face the whole time.  Micheal Temes threw the discus 91 feet to lead the team in that event.  Kevin Tillinghast came on late in the season dropping almost 30 seconds off his previous best in the 1600 meters in the last meet alone.  Devin Bruegeman who would turn in his running shoes anytime for a baseball mitt dropped over 7 seconds off his 200 meter time during the season.  Calvin Hinkelman, who at the start of the season had never competed in track, may be one of the most fundamentally correct runners I have seen.  Hopefully you can see the picture adjacent to this article.  Calvin placed in the 100 and 200 along helping our very competitive 800 relay.  Brandon Higgins, who showed us all how to crash and burn after running a 200 leg in a relay, was impressive in leaping over 30 feet in the triple jump.  Isaiah Shears is a multi talented athlete.  Jumping over 16 feet in the long jump, running under 28 seconds in the 200 meters and trying the high jump the last meet of the year and clearing 4 feet 8 inches to tie for first.   Jake Bruner, led our team in scoring this season.  He cleared 17 feet in the long jump and was close to 37 feet in the triple jump, and also with some encouragement took on the 400 meters, running a 59 second.   The last 8th grader is Bobby Hood, a team inspiration, bringing the season to a close running the last lap of the 1600 meter relay and doing his best Tebow impression at the finish line.  
Four 7th grader joined the ranks, each of them contributed to the team.   Raice Dalgliesh improved throughout the season and really was showing some speed and endurance late in the season.  He may like the 100 meters best but was also good in the 1600 meter relay, running a 400 meter leg.  Nathan Gimmeson, ran everything I wanted him to this season, performing well in the 800 meters, running a 2 minute and 58 second time.   Ryan Glimp, took charge of our hurdle events and was impressive all season.  I canít wait to see him in action next year in both hurdles and triple jump.   Brandon Anderson, another athlete who challenges coaches.   He was our fastest distance runner but also has sprinter speed.  He took on challenges where ever I set them.  He was also impressive in the high jump, tying Isaiah for first at 4 feet 8 inches.  
We ran relays all season and were competitive but had different people in them all season. Great job boys.  You ran with heart and as a team, Iím very proud of you.  
To all the track team, best wishes on your future in what ever sports you choose.  Work hard and push yourselves, youíre all successful already.   Thank you to Vicki Riener the assistant coach, you are a great addition to the team.   Thank you to all the parents for letting me help your child learn about running and throwing and jumping and most of all hard work.  
My biggest thank you is to the team members, you helped me find the joy back in working for someone elseís benefit.  Your enthusiasm in crossing the finish line, your enthusiasm in personal best times and distances,  your enthusiasm to learn how to improve and  chasing a goal.   Adults sometimes lose the ability to find that pure joy, you gave me a chance to witness and feel good about your accomplishments along with you.  
Thank you very, very much. 
Glenn Poxleitner 
Shayla VonBargen in the high jump.
Abbie Uhlenkott in the long jump.
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