Free colonoscopy awarded
Kathleen Allen of Kooskia recently won a free colonoscopy in a drawing held at St. Maryís Hospital and Clinics.
Allen, an LPN, had one scheduled and as she was leaving the office they suggested she enter the drawing.
She highly recommends having the procedure done as itís the one cancer that they know how to treat.
She said the procedure took about 2 hours start to finish with the actual scooping usually taking about 15 minutes to an hour. The photo accompanying this article was taken at the Chronicle office about 90 minutes after the procedure had been done.
As an LPN she is very proactive in preventative medicine and highly recommends getting a colonoscopy done, especially once you reach age 50 or have any family history of colon cancer.
This was her second one with some polyps found and removed the first time. This time was clean and she says itís rewarding to know sheís good to go for another 10 years. She also said the people here at St. Maryís are fantastic and attend to all your concerns.
You can contact St. Maryís Clinic for more information on colonoscopies.

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