Gehring is essay winner
The Farm Bureau Essay contest has come to a close with the announcement of winners from District and State.Emma Gehring Emma Gehring, a student at Prairie Middle School, has won first place in District V, and also second place in State. For her essay writing ability, she received $50 - District and $50 - State.  Taylor Lustig, a Summit Academy student, received second place in the District receiving $25. Emma's essay is below. Congratulations, girls!
Molly Schwartz won third place in the Idaho Agriculture art contest for District V, receiving $25.00.
By: Emma Gehring
You might be wondering where does our food come from. Well, I live on a ranch with my family, where we raise cattle and grow grain. Sometimes I help my uncle milk cows, it is harder than you might think, but that is where milk comes from.
When I stay at my Grandmotherís house, I get to help collect eggs from the chickens. Each year my grandmother gets new chickens for laying eggs, the older chickens become food to make chicken soup and fried chicken. I also help my Grandmother with her garden. We plant potatoes, watermelons, peas, beans, corn, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, onions and other vegetables. She also grows raspberries and strawberries! I love berries, yum, yum!! The garden is a lot of work. It has to be kept watered and the weeds have to be picked a lot. Then after everything grows, we get to pick all of the vegetables and berries. Once, while I was picking I saw a snake in the raspberry bush. That was very scary!!
My dad plants wheat, barley, oats and hay. When we harvest them, they can be turned into flour to make things like cake and bread, oatmeal, and food for the horses and cows. My dad also is a logger, the trees go to make boards for building houses and the pulp can be turned into paper.
In the wintertime we butcher pigs and turn them into pork chops, pork roasts, bacon, ham and sausage. I like to cut the fat off of the meat to make cracklings. I help my grandmother boil the fat off the skins to make the cracklings. We really enjoy eating the cracklings! After the fat is cooked, my brother pours it into cans. The fat can then be turned into lard to be used for shortening for baking.
The cattle my dad raises are sold to be turned into steaks, hamburger patties and roast beef. The hide or skin of the cow can be turned into leather to make gloves, jackets and chaps. Sometimes we end up with a calf that we have to bottle feed, when it gets a little bigger we then bucket feed them.
I think it is great to live on a ranch! I have been able to learn where our food comes from before it goes to the grocery store to be sold. There is a lot of work that goes into the food for it to get to the store.


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