Summit grads awarded scholarships
Each member of the Summit Academy class of 2012 has been awarded at least $1250 in scholarships and in some cases a whole lot more than that.
Below are listed the scholarships awarded:
Austin Chmelik: UI Academic Achievement Level S, $1,500; UI Freshman Access, $2,000; Robert R. Lee Promise (category B), $500
Nicole Frei: Rocky Mountain Scholarship from the University of Wyoming, $5,500.
Derek Nuxoll: Idaho-Lewis County Cattle Association, $500; Idaho County Farm Bureau, $1,000; Carroll College, $13,000/year or $52,000 (4 years).
Savanah Prigge: Idaho County Farm Bureau, $1,000; UI Academic Achievement Level G, $2,400; UI Alumni Association, $100; UI Freshman Access, $1,000; Robert R. Lee Promise (category B), $500.
Michael Rehder: LCSC Counselor Leadership, $250; LCSC Provost, $500; LCSC Idaho Promise, $500.
Courtney Schwartz: LCSC Presidential, $1,000; LCSC Freshman, $500; LCSC Idaho Promise, $500; LCSC Counselor Leadership, $250; LCSC Dual Credit, $260.
David Waters: UI Academic Achievement Level G, $2,500/renewable; UI Freshman Access, $2,500/renewable; Robert R. Lee Promise (category B), $500.
Each student was also given medals during the graduation ceremony recognizing their years of involvement in sports, drama and knowledge bowl.
Courtney Schwartz was given the Congeniality Award for the class. Nicole Frei was given the Patriot Award and David Waters was given the Excelsior Award.
Valedictorian Savanah Prigge gives her speech.
Salutatorian Derek Nuxoll gives his speech.

Commencement speaker Brandon Rehder came with gifts for the grads handing out inspirational books as well as cans of WD-40 after telling the story of the productís beginnings (itís called WD-40 because there were 39 failed formulas before the right one was developed.)

Summit grads Derek Nuxoll and Austin Chmelik gets hugs from well-wishers aftr graduation.

Nicole Frei, Courtney Schwartz, David Waters and Michael Rehder performed the class song,  during the ceremonies.

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