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WOW! The sun is shining and it suddenly looks like maybe a new season is upon us.  I'm not sure which one it is as I don't remember much about spring.  Perhaps summer is here to visit for awhile.
School is officially out and the Library is open to all.  If a dreamed of vacation is not on the to-do list this year, why not experience it via book.  Books can take you anywhere and give a great insight to what your vacation might be like when the opportunity arises. 
ATTENTION CHILDREN!  Be sure to mark THURSDAY JUNE 21 as the first day of the SUMMER READING PROGRAM.  It will continue each Thursday through the month of July.  It is a fun time with crafts, stories and many activities.  The theme this year is Dream Big. Read.  DON'T MISS IT!! 
MOTHERS, There has been an interest in something for the younger set.  If you are interested in a STORY HOUR for your child and would be willing to help get a program started please contact the library. 
As a result of the successful yard sale and the continued raffle sale for the 22 rifle, there will be many new children's books ordered.  If there is a particular series or special book you would like to see on the shelf, please share your interest with Stacie Milliman or at the library. We hope to give the children's section a new look in the near future.
If you have not yet seen Christine Munger's wonderful display of folk art, come in soon for it will only be on display for two more weeks.  The next display will feature young budding artists from the area.  If you would like to display your talent or know of someone give us a call or drop by.
At the recent June Library board meeting, with regret it accepted the resignation of V. Chairman, Steve Halligan.  We thank Steve for his interest and service on the board and wish him the very best.
If you are a Frank Herbert or Jerry Pournelle fan,  a series by each author is now available.  Some Star Trek books are also available.

Summer Reading Program starts
The Summer Reading Program at the Prairie Community Library will begin on Thursday, June 21st from 1:30-3:00.  The theme this year is Dream Big - Read.  Our volunteers have lots of fun and crafts planned already.  All kid ages pre-K through 6th grade are encouraged to attend.  If you would like to volunteer for the program or for even an afternoon, call Aleta at 962-3724 or the Library at 962-3714. 

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