City Council meets
Cottonwood Police Chief Terry Cochran was presented a certificate of appreciation by the City of Cottonwood just prior to the June meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, June 11.
Included was a $500 cash award. Cochran was given the award for the ability he has to find surplus equipment for the city at little or no cost that ends up saving the city thousands of dollars. Examples are the rural fire department tanker truck and the diesel generators that are used as backup power for the city water pumps.
In reports Pat Holthaus noted that 2,856,700 gallons of water were pumped with 2,172,757 sold through the city. When water sold to Poe Asphalt and prelube water for the wells is added in there were just over 236,000 gallons unaccounted for, an 8% loss.
There were a couple of leaks found and fixed in the past month.
Holthaus also reported the water test results were good.
There was nothing to report from the sewer department.
Jack Duman reported they have started spraying mag chloride on the gravel streets.
Shelli Schumacher wasn’t in attendance but city clerk Carol Altman reported they’ve had an offender crew in doing some painting in the hall.
Jack Duman asked how the new cleaning crew is going. Altman reported there have been some minor problems but they were worked out and they are doing well.
Ron Grant reported the fire department had one fire in the past month, a power pole near Primeland.
They also did an extrication training which was part of the EMT training being done. Jennifer Cochran said they hope to get 4 additional EMT’s from the training.
The Conditional Use Permit for Summer Emmert was approved. She is turning a house on Hogan Street into a law office.
In new business the outside burning ordinance was brought up for discussion. Police Chief Cochran said the way it is worded now anyone lighting up a cigarette, match or a candle outside is in violation. Mayor Denis Duman asked the council members to look the ordinance over and come back to the next meeting with suggestions. Grant asked if they could have some examples from other cities.
Jack Duman asked that the ordinance be amended concerning the speed limit on Lewiston St. Since the school there is now closed there’s no need for a school zone speed limit. The signs would be moved to East St. for the school zone there.
A catering permit was discussed. Doreen’s (formerly Lowell’s) has requested a permit for the VFW to hold a beergarden in the city park during Fair days. The permit says 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. Council members asked if they could change that to something like noon to 10 p.m. City Attorney Joe Wright will look into it although he said if they can’t change it on the permit they may be able to limit hours due to the fact they are setting up on public property.
Rick Johnson of the VFW researched the city codes on this matter and came up with a couple that may need some amendment. One was the city code on alcoholic beverages in public places. There was some language that may need amended. He also found a code that prohibits businesses from opening on Sundays subject to a fine. The code was written in 1905 and is still on the books. Johnson asked if that one could be taken out. 
It was voted to table action on these ordinances until the next meeting.
The council meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday July 9 at 7 p.m.

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