Rambo receives certification
On June 6, 2012, Cottonwood Police Department Reserve Officer Jason Rambo received his Idaho NICI Warden Lynn Guyer, Jason Rambo and Cottonwood Police Chief Terry Cochran.POST certification as a fully certified Level 1 Reserve Officer.  This gives him the full power and authority as a full time certified officer, and requires him to perform 52 hours a year to maintain his certification as a police officer in the state of Idaho.
The presentation was done at North Idaho Correctional Institute where Jason is employed as a Case Manager for his full time job.  Warden Lynn Guyer and CPD Chief Terry Cochran presented the certificate to Jason.
For many years NICI and Warden Guyer have been focusing on "Blurring the Lines" between Idaho Department of Corrections and local as well as state agencies.  The work done by Officer Rambo is an excellent example of the inter-agency cooperation between agencies, and shows a willingness to go beyond the original thoughts, and work outside the box, to accomplish the mission.
Besides Officer Rambo's dual job status, NICI has provided thousands of manpower hours in assisting Cottonwood and the surrounding area with inmate labor, has provided their CERT crew for training in the first ever active school shooting drill held in Cottonwood, provides off duty officers for security assistance to St. Marys Hospital and makes their CERT team available to assist during any escapes from the facility.  Cottonwood Police also takes the 8th grade students from Prairie school district to the facility for a 'Small Decisions' class where they have an opportunity to tour the facility as well as speak to a panel of prisoners regarding the outcome of choices they had made when they were that age.
The lines have been blurred, the jurisdictions do work together, and work with all surrounding agencies.  This is not just due to the current economic situation, but all the time.  It just makes good sense to have all facets of the law enforcement system working together, communicating, and blurring the lines.
We would like to convey our congratulation to Officer Jason Rambo and look forward to his success. 

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