Extrication drill is held
The EMT Basic Training class along with the Cottonwood Fire Department held a vehicle extrication drill on June 7th.  The drill consisted of a vehicle rollover with the EMT students evacuating the driver and passenger with assistance from the Fire Department.  The Fire Department also used this drill as an opportunity for some of the new firemen to get familiar with using a few of their specialized tools; such as the windshield cutter and the Jaws of Life.
This drill was the final class for those students who have been attending the EMT Basic training course since January 31 and was a chance for them to practice the skills they learned in the classes. The course was taught by Charles Butler, RN from St. Mary’s Hospital along with help from EMT’s; Linda Beckman, Tom Seubert and Dave Poxleitner.  The students came from several different agencies; including NICI, US Forest Service, Grangeville Mountain Rescue and St. Mary’s Hospital.  This class was sponsored and paid for by St. Mary’s Hospital; the students did however have to pay for their own books and supplies.
“This drill was a great opportunity for the EMT’s and the Firemen to work together,” commented Charles Butler.  “There are many times when we are out on an accident together and this gave us a chance to learn how to utilize each other’s skills and communicate better between the two agencies.”

EMT Students and instructor:  Charles Butler, RN, Brian Adams, Jeff Scott, David Dahlsrud, Dick Dutcher, Mike Kindrick, Myca Evans, Tyler Latimer, Rick Stephens, Courtney Hanson (in the background Jake Holthaus and Tom Seubert)

EMT trainees and local firemen during an extrication drill.

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