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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) invites the public to come and learn about the history of the Salmon River Canyon at the annual archeological field school operation at Cooper’s Ferry, located south of Cottonwood, Idaho.   Audiences young and old can experience first-hand how scientists uncover how people lived thousands of years ago by visiting the six-week long field schoolco-sponsored by Oregon State University and the BLM.
Seventeen students from universities across the country are polishing traditional excavation skills as well as applying modern technology to ancient lifestyles of the people who inhabited the canyon over 11,500 years ago.   Oregon State Professor Dr. Loren Davis has led the program for four years.   Currently, the field school is working in soil layers that are approximately 10,000 years old.  
The site welcomes visitors Wednesday through Sunday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.  The field school will be in operation through the first week of August.
Progress at the site can be tracked online through the newly-established blog site:  Additional information as well as a free downloadable booklet entitled, "Our Cultural Heritage - A Fragile Record of the Last 12,000 Years along the Lower Salmon River" is available on the BLM’s Cottonwood Field Office website at:
For more information, please contact David Sisson, District Archeologist at (208) 962-3782 or Suzanne Endsley, Public Affairs at (208) 769-5004. 


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