Hinkelman sworn in as new board member
Aaron Hinkelman was sworn in as a new member of the school board at the July meeting Monday, July 16.
He replaces Roy Schumacher who resigned his position with a year remaining on his term.Sharon Johnson receives the School Bus Driver of the Year plaque for the state of Idaho from school superintendent Rene’ Forsmann.
Just after Hinkelman was sworn in a presentation was made. Sharon Johnson was presented with the Bus Driver of the Year Award for the State of Idaho. She was nominated for the award by bus supervisor Dave Remacle and superintendent Rene’ Forsmann. Johnson has been driving a bus for the district for over 30 years.
In the transportation report Remacle recommended the district purchase a new bus to replace the one used on the river route. He recommends a 48-passenger size. The district would use some of the Secure Rural Schools funding that was re-approved for this year to make up the difference from what’s in the bus fund.
Della Gehring was voted in as board chairman to replace Schumacher. Gus Hoene will be vice-chairman. Gehring, Hoene and clerk-treasurer Denise Uhlenkott were approved as checkbook signers, two of which are needed to sign each check.
The board will continue to meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.
The only change in hot lunch prices was to bring the Elementary School up to $1.70 which is the recommended minimum. Grade 7-12 will continue to be $2.00 and adults $3.50.
Bus rental, per diem and facility use rates will continue to be the same as last year.
In other business Tabitha Sonnen was approved for hire as the new head cook. She recently graduated from college with a degree as a dietitian. Forsmann said she has quite a bit of work to do aligning menus with the new federal requirements for school hot lunches.
Resignations were approved for Michelle Sonnen as a bus driver and Dave Remacle as bus supervisor. Remacle is retiring effective Sept. 1 after 29 years and was presented a plaque by Forsmann in appreciation of his service.
Forsmann reported she has received several requests for application for the position and hope to start interviewing next week.
In the facility update report Forsmann said they are looking at moving into the new addition at the Elementary School by July 30. They moved the cabinets from the 1st grade rooms at the old school over to the new addition and said they look good. They also moved the cabinets from the Center for Discovery room over. She said there is still some floor work to be done and had a problem with a sewer line that led to some extra expense.
They are looking at moving over the playground equipment to the north side of the school which they plan to fence off once the excess dirt is moved out and leveled. This would be the younger children’s playground area. She said they were looking at moving the fencing from the area around the former Kindergarten. Lynn Guyer also noted they have some excess rolls of fencing at the prison that could be used if it’s the same size. They are also looking at installing new playground equipment paid for by the cookie dough sales and boxtops in the south side playground.
She also reported that classes may run a little longer at the Elementary School as it will be the bus dispersing point. The bus riders at the high school would ride down to the Elementary School and then switch buses if need be. They will also need to look into additional safety busing stops as they won’t be stopping at the former Elementary School anymore due to lack of any supervision there.
In administrative reports Carrie Nygaard noted the dedication to the job witnessed this summer from the staff. 
The junior/senior high coaches have been invited to attend a meeting July 26 which will give her a chance to meet all the coaches and cover the updated coaching handbook.
August 8 will be registration day and also that evening will be a parent/athlete meeting where paperwork will be gone over for student athletes First day of fall sports practice is August 10.
She also reported that Prairie will go through the accreditation process this year which begins with a self-evaluation and concludes with a team of state and local members that will review curriculum, school safety and how well they are fulfilling the new requirements.
Forsmann reported that summer school runs from July 23-August 3 with Colleen Sonnen as the instructor. Laurie Lorentz is busy cleaning and waxing floors at the Elementary and Sally Duman is doing the same at the Junior/Senior High. 
The summer food service will continue through August 3.
As superintendent she included a report on AYP (Average Yearly Progress) which shows Prairie students scoring very well. These numbers are used in consideration of the district receiving some of the Pay for Performance monies from the state.
After an executive session the board approved the extracurricular assignments list which are listed below..
The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 20 at 7 p.m.

Extracurricular assignments for the 2012-13 school year were approved at the school board meeting Monday, July 16.
At the high school they are:
Athletic Director-Travis Mader.
Boys basketball-head coach Teel Bruner, JV-Kevin Chaffee.
Girls basketball-head coach Lori Mader, JV, Sarah Walsh.
Football-head coach Ryan Hasselstrom; assistant, Matt Elven; * 2nd assistant, Ron Sigler
Track-head coach Ryan Hasselstrom; assistant, Becky Higgins
*Baseball-not assigned yet
Softball-head coach Jeff Martin, * assistant, Steve Wilson.
Volleyball-head coach Cheyenne Hudson, JV, Marlene Forsmann.
Wrestling-head coach Dan Altman
Music-Band and Choir, John Eynon
Yearbook-Ryan Hasselstrom
Cheer Squad-Sherry Holthaus
Knowledge Bowl-Laurie Karel
Senior Class Advisor-Dave Young and Liz McLeod.
Junior Class Advisor-Darbie Duclos and Laurie Workman
Industrial Technology-Jerry Richardson (also travel for materials)
BPA-Ryan Hasselstrom
Prairie League-Mary Uhlorn
Junior High:
Athletic Director-Carrie Nygaard and staff volunteer
8th grade girls basketball-not assigned yet
7th grade girls basketball-Jeff Martin
8th grade boys basketball-not assigned yet
7th grade girls basketball-Becky Higgins
Jr. High Football-head coach Ed Holthaus; assistant-Mike Kindrick
Jr. High Knowledge Bowl-not assigned yet
Jr. High Track-Glenn Poxleitner; *assistant-not assigned yet
Jr. High Volleyball-Cheyenne Hudson, assistant-Marlene Forsmann
Music-Youth Choir-Laurie Karel
School nurse-Sheri Daly
From other funds:
P/T Media-Sonesa Lundmark
P/T Business-Ryan Hasselstrom
P/T Industrial-Jerry Richardson
P/T Health Coordinator-Sheri Daly
P/T Attendance-Denise Uhlenkott
Drug Free Coordinator-Renee Eckert, Krystal Ellis
Tech Coordinator-Ryan Hasselstrom
Food Service Director-Lynn Rehder
ISEE Coordinator-Amy Sigler
* Paid only if enough players out for sport

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