Vicious hailstorm hits area
A hailstorm that lasted nearly half an hour hit the Cottonwood area Tuesday, July 17, starting at about 6 p.m. and lasting until almost 6:30.
Hailstones were seen in Cottonwood that approached 2 inches in diameter with many being about at least quarter sized. We’ve heard reports of tennis ball sized and larger out near Moughmer Point.
A couple of funnel clouds were reported being seen between Cottonwood and Keuterville and the one that was seen moving toward Cottonwood may have contributed to the length of the storm as hailstorms usually last only a few minutes.
In Cottonwood there are reports of roof and siding damage to houses, lots of vehicle damage ranging from dings and dents to broken windows to totaling the vehicles and lots of garden damage to produce and flowers.
The storm seemed to peter out at Cottonwood as there wasn’t much damage reported east of town. South of town also saw little damage and more than a mile north of town also saw little storm action.
In a survey of local insurance agents upwards of 150 total claims for damage have been filed with more coming in every day. A dollar amount probably won’t be known for quite some time but it appears it may be well over $1 million.
Lori Mader at Central Idaho Agency reported over 30 claims so far. Joe Seubert at Seubert’s Insurance reported close to a dozen claims. Gordon and Pepper Harman at Harman Agency said they have over 50 crop claims and “dozens” of personal property damage claims including some for their own personal property. Shelli Schumacher said they have 40 or more home and auto claims with another 20 or so on crops.

The scene out the editor’s front window near the end of the storm.

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