Cub Scouts attend Day Camp
Eight Cub Scouts attended Day Camp in Craigmont on the 16th and 17th of July.  Day one began with Pack 638 of Cottonwood performing the opening flag ceremony.  The day was filled with many activities to keep the boys busy.  We shot bow and arrows, played flag football, built catapults, learned how to build fires and cooked marshmallows and biscuits on a stick, and learned to fold 3 different types of paper airplanes.  But the funnest part of the day was setting off pop bottle rockets.  Many of them went as high as the lights at the football field. 
Day two was just as action packed with BB gun shooting and water gun games.  We learned how to set up a tent, built our own toolboxes and did some wood burning.  Our last event of the day was to build our own volcano using baking soda, water, dish soap, food coloring and vinegar.  During the lunch break each pack was asked to sing a song to entertain the group.  Our Pack sang about a finger named Fred who got lost in the forest.  
Attending the camp along with the scouts were parents Aleta Coppernoll, Jeff Martin, Cami Farnworth, Colleen Chmelik, and Joe Biltz.  Roger Burgess, Shari Chaffee and  Ciara Chaffee also attended and helped run the stations. 

In the photo are in the front row from left to right:  James Biltz, Jordan Farnworth, Torry Chmelik, Jordan Quick, Caleb Butler, Travis Alfrey.  Back row:  Cole Martin and Matt Coppernoll.

James Biltz launching his pop bottle rocket.

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