Neighbors help injured neighbor get fields harvested
A thank you never seems enough when people come out to help someone in need. 
On Saturday, August 11, farmers and friends around the Greencreek area left their fields to help a neighbor in need. In all, 10 combines, 7 trucks and semis could be seen in the fields of Ralph and Debbie Stubbers. 6 combines were in one field and 4 in another, harvesting winter wheat. 
It was overwhelming to see that neighbors and friends will still forget their own needs and go to help another. Those coming to help were Larry Arnzen, Brendan and Derrick Arnzen, Roy and Chad Arnzen, Conrad Arnzen, Donnie Schumacher, Greg Stolz, Eric and Virgil Wassmuth, Ed Stubbers, Ken Stubbers and sons Shane and Dean, John and Sue Schumacher, Clint Riener, Jim and Doug Schumacher, Ken Forsmann, Sue Sonnen, Larry Stubbers, Craig and Rachel Stubbers and sons James and David and Heidi McRoberts and daughters Lydia and Sydney.
Ralph Stubbers was to have back surgery on Wednesday of this week in Boise and he and Debbie are extremely appreciative of all the help they received. Small towns have something special about them and this was truly an example of community spirit. The Stubbers family thanks from the bottom of their hearts all who helped and anyone who has offered help. May all of you have a safe harvest.

Several Greencreek area farmers left their own fields to get the winter wheat crop harvested for Ralph Stubbers, who is having back surgery this week. 
Photos by Heidi (Stubbers) McRoberts.

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