Teachers trained on core standards
Teachers from Nezperce, Craigmont and Cottonwood met to discuss plans for teachers Teachers from Prairie, Nezperce and Highland schools get together at Cottonwood for Common Core standards training.to unpack the standards and work to become familiar with the content.  During school year 2012-2013 districts are asked to unpack the standards and become familiar with what they are and move toward implementation in school year 2014-2015.  The State of Idaho will move from the ISAT test to a Smarter Balanced Assessment which is a common assessment that will be given in at least 14 other states in 2015-2016.  
Staff met to plan the joint teacher in service meeting to be held October 4 and 5 where members from the team will present material and all staff will work to become more familiar with the standards and have an understanding of what they mean for each teacher in their particular curricular area.
On August 24, the three district staffs will meet with state department personnel to work in SchoolNet.  SchoolNet provides teachers, principals and administrators with real-time data to analyze educational performance by student, classroom, school or district. It gives teachers real-time feedback to assess individual student and classroom learning. It also provides parents and students with portals to check their studentís grades, homework and extra-credit options.
State officials, districts school boards and schools can use this data to assess student outcomes and progression toward state standards, and to guide intervention strategic and formulate action plans to improve student achievement.
The districts staffs are working together to provide support for each other and find a common ground for all three districts.
Participants include:  Kim Schumacher, Cindy Schumacher, Sherry Holthaus, Andrea Brannan, Krystal Ellis, Renee Eckert, Darbie Duclos, Jeanne Wasko, Marietta Leitch, Melanie Cronce, Julie Yochum, Les Wells, Rene' Forsmann, Cindy Orr.

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