Shears is new bus supervisor
The School Board approved David Shears, Jr., for hire as the new bus supervisor/mechanic at their August meeting Monday, August 20.
Bus routes were also approved for the upcoming school year and are printed below.
Several more extracurricular assignments were approved with Kristi Pentzer to be the 8th grade boys basketball coach, Tabitha Sonnen the assistant Junior High Track coach and Julie (Mrs. Doug) Schumacher as a volunteer volleyball coach.
The school handbooks and Elementary and Jr./Sr. High class schedules were approved.
The board did a first review of tighter Internet access regulations for the students. Action was tabled until the next meeting.
A coop was approved with Highland for Crosscountry as Prairie had one student, Sky Wilson, who wants to compete in that sport.
In the facilities update Rene’ Forsmann said the new building at the Elementary School is ready to go with some minor finishing yet to do. One change to be made is that the contractor installed commodes scaled to Kindergarten-first grade size in the rest rooms and they will get those changed to normal sized. Forsmann estimated there will be about $78,000 left after the work is done, up form her earlier estimate of around $65,000.
New bus maintenance man Dave Shears organized a group to repair the hole in the upper parking lot at the high school. Brendan Sprute, Keuterville Highway District and Cottonwood Highway District are donating help and/or equipment.
Landscaping is being worked on in front of the new annex with the sprinkler system being redesigned there. It’s not likely to get grass until next year and at that time the playground equipment at the former Elementary School will be moved over.
In her principal report, Forsmann noted that Cindy Schumacher has been awarded a $4849.30 grant from the Nez Perce Tribe for the Super Kids Reading Program. 
She reported they had up to as many at 18 students per day in the summer school program. 
The summer food program, which ended August 3, varied from 30 to 120 being served. The higher numbers came on swimming lesson days when sack lunches were provided.
In her superintendent’s report she noted they are waiting to hear from the state on pay for performance as well as on the laptops for the teachers.
Both school buildings received 4 star ratings (out of a possible 5). This is based mostly on Idaho Standards and Achievement Test (ISAT) scores in Reading, Math and Language Arts at the Elementary and includes graduation rate, advanced placement courses and SAT testing at the junior/senior high school.
She reported enrollment school-wide is at 403, up from 387 last year. Much of the difference appears to be transfers from Highland and Summit.
On August 24 Cottonwood will be hosting SchoolNet training for Cottonwood Nezperce and Highland in the high school cafeteria. This is considered a state department meeting and they are providing personnel for training. They are also giving the school more Internet bandwidth to help provide the service.
She also reported that bus specifications have been written up and sent to the state for approval. Once approved they will advertise for a new bus and open bids at the September meeting.
Carrie Nygaard reported that registration went well as did the athletes meeting that evening. Paperwork is 100% complete for cheerleading, volleyball and football.
She reported there are 31 turned out for football and 27 for volleyball. Volleyball’s first action will be August 22 at a jamboree at Grangeville at 5 p.m. and the first football game is at Salmon River (Riggins) Friday, August 31 at 7 p.m. Mountain Time (6 p.m. our time).
She asked for and got approval by way of motion made and passed from the school board for a trial $10 fee for junior high students that would cover the cost of the yearbook produced by Mrs. Eckert and the 4 junior high dances held during the year.
She reported there will be 2 foreign exchange students this year. One from Croatia who will be living with Scott and Michelle Schaeffer and one from Germany who will be staying with Naomi Laurino.
She also reported the IEN room is up and running. Currently Prairie will be broadcasting Spanish to Potlatch and Nezperce and Psychology to Genesee. They have the capacity to send out up to 5 classes. In return they will receive Agricultural Science from Nezperce.
The board meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m. and everyone toured the new annex.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, September 17 at 7 p.m.

2012-13 Bus Routes
Following are the bus routes for the Cottonwood School District for the 2012-13 school year.
Ferdinand – Dave Shears, Bus # 06-6, 7 a.m.: Jared Schwartz, Mike Duclos, Toby Schwartz, Mike Hanson, John Frei, Pam Falzon, Ferdinand Town Children, Michael Temes, Ken Ross, Joe VonBargen.
Cottonwood – Sharon Johnson, Bus #02-7, 7 a.m.: Pat McWilliams, Brendan Arnzen, Doug Lustig, Bob Lustig, Teel Bruner, Mel Sonnen, Dan Phillips, Vic Lustig, Nolan Rehder, Darrel Uhlorn, Floyd Whitley.
Greencreek – Jerry Schumacher, Bus #09-9, 7 a.m.: Wes Riener, Aaron Hinkelman, Tom Sonnen, Matt Schumacher, Steve Sonnen, Allen Sonnen, Neil Bruegeman, Tony Schumacher, Adam Forsmann, Kevin Schmidt, Greencreek Town Kids, Matt Elven, Doug Schumacher, Phil Schmidt, Mike VanderPas, Kris Shears, Jacob Forsmann, Mark Anderson, Scot Schlader, Greg Danly.
Cottonwood – Becky Madden, Bus #08-8, 7 a.m.-Leianna Everett, Jesse Vanator, Brad Higgins, Ed Wemhoff, Justin Wilson, Doug Johnson, Dan VonBargen, Ken Seubert, Tad Tidwell, Brett Uhlenkott, Dustin Uhlenkott, Ryan Uhlenkott, Mike Walsh, Mike Kaschmitter, Dennis Rowland, Jeff Ratcliff, Terry Cochran
Keuterville – Rick Johnson, Bus #01-1, 7 a.m.: Kevin Geis, Joe Ross, Bob Enneking, Ryan Mader, Clint Mader, Gerry Gehring, Glenn Poxleitner, Roger Uptmor, Dean Allen, Ben Munger, Mark Geis, Ken Geis, Roy Uhlenkott, Peggy Sprute, Heath Klapprich, Patti Kaschmitter, Jack Duman, Cottonwood Town Children (Hangout).
River Route – Bus #004, 7 a.m.: John Drake, Dave Enneking, Brian Gehring, Ron Lightfield, Scott Jungert, Joe Nuxoll, Scott Ross, Butch Spencer, Cottonwood Town Children (Old Elementary) Cheryl Gimmeson.

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