Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor:
How any honest and fair-minded American can continue association with the national Republican party, after what it has just done to totally disenfranchise (fully qualified) presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul and his untold millions of loyal backers is beyond me! 
For all their smiling and upbeat, "positive" speakers paraded on stage, the RNC convention, just completed, was not only a total sham but, honestly, a national disgrace.
Obviously, this in no wise  makes me a Democrat, either.  Not hardly!  The truth is, I want no part of either brand of phony "approved" American politics as operating today.
How very sad that the general, politically-dumbed-down American populace is so hoodwinked that it doesn't even suspect, much less feel and understand, the deadly noose being tightened ever more around our necks with each passing day - and with each managed "election."
Heaven Itself has cared about our plight, and sent a selfless and tireless town crier in the person of Dr. Ron Paul.  And we have allowed him to be shunned, and his voice silenced.  Once again, what a shame!  Better listen up, America:  Politically, governmentally your light has gone out.  Hence, I fear for you.....and for the world.
Carol J. Asher
Kamiah, Idaho


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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