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The cool autumn evening will soon lead to thoughts of ……….snow!  We know from our Facebook page some of you are already thinking about getting those skis and snowboarding out and waxed up.  At Cottonwood Butte we are getting geared up for another season also.  The windows on the west side of the lodge have been given a facelift.  We are excited to offer a better view of the hill and all the snow bunnies from inside the lodge.  Thank you to the Cottonwood Lion’s Club for helping us with this project.   
Now as we all know with thoughts of snow, come thoughts of Christmas, so why not get a head start on your Christmas shopping for the skier and snowboarder on your list? At we provide a link to purchase Cottonwood Butte clothing and gear. You can choose from t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats and bags.  Go to the services page and click on the photo of the blue sweatshirt which will open a link to My Locker.  Enter locker number el794 and begin designing your own personalized gear or select from an already provided design.  Use the promo code MLLNK12 and receive $10.00 off your purchase until October 7th.  
We will also be offering our Black Friday special again this year on ten day punch cards.  Watch for further announcements in November in the paper, on Facebook or on our website.  

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