Rehder files for commissioner
Jim Rehder has recently filed for the position of District 3, Idaho County Commission.  Jim RehderWhen notified the position was vacant, several people asked Jim to consider running for the County Commissioner seat.  While Jim has had an interest in running this year, his commitments prevented him from doing so.  In the last couple of weeks, his situation has changed and he has agreed to be a candidate to run the race against Commissioner Jim Chmelik.  
Rehder said, “As a former Idaho County Commissioner, I have the experience and interest to work hard, share ideas and actively listen to others, and find common ground among all taxpaying citizens.   I enjoy public service and solving local problems for all citizens of Idaho County.”  
Jim Rehder has a solid record of responsible money management and listening to people as they seek solutions to problems.  He has worked well with local organizations and civic groups throughout the county.   Jim Rehder is listened to and respected by business and government leaders.  With Jim, everything is transparent and above board; what you see is what you get.  
Returning Jim Rehder to the Commission will broaden the commission’s point of view and provide more balanced, and therefore, more effective results.  
Jim Rehder’s bi-partisan supporters say he provides a solid choice to the Idaho County voters as their Commissioner. 

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