Lady Pirates sweep tri-match
The Prairie Lady Pirates swept a pair of non-league matches Tuesday Sept. 18 at Cottonwood as they beat Highland 25-13, 25-11, 25-8 then came back later and beat Summit 25-16, 25-13, 25-7.
In the interim Summit got swept by Highland in a Division 2 league match 19-25, 19-25, 23-25.
Prairie vs. Highland
Prairie never trailed in the first game against Highland. They built an 8-4 lead when Shelby VonBargen scored a kill for a sideout and then scored a stuff block. Brooke Schumacher added 2 aces and Tanna Schlader added a kill to make it 13-4.Tyler Workman is about to pound a spike over the net against Highland.
Prairie kept adding to their lead until they got to 24-10 after a kill each by Schumacher and Schlader with Tyler Workman serving.
Highland was able to stave off game point 3 times before Prairie ended it on a back row kill by Stephanie Gimmeson.
In the second game Highland jumped out to a 1-5 lead but Prairie came back to tie it at 6-6 on a bricked Highland serve.
Workman then put together her longest serving run of the year as she served 11 straight points for a 17-6 lead. She had 5 aces while VonBargen scored 3 kills and Leah Holthaus had 2 kills and Cheryl Gehring 1 kill.
Prairie got the serve right back on a kill by VonBargen and Holthaus served Prairie to a 23-7 lead with 4 aces plus a kill be Gehring before a juggled set gave Highland the sideout.
The Huskies scored 4 straight points before Gehring scored another kill and then served an ace to end it.
Prairie again never trailed in the third game as Gimmeson served Prairie to a quick 3-0 lead with an ace and a kill each by Workman and Krystin Uhlenkott.
Schlader had the longest serving run of the game for Prairie with a 6-point run that featured 3 aces, 2 kills by VonBargen and a kill each by Beka Bruner and Uhlenkott. At the end of Schlader’s run the score was 19-6.
Later Highland bricked a serve that put Kelsey Tidwell on the service line at 21-8. She served out the match with 3 aces and a kill by Uhlenkott.
For the match VonBargen had 10 kills including 3 stuffs. Workman had 8 kills including a stuff, and 5 aces. Schlader had 7 kills and 4 aces. Uhlenkott had 6 kills and 3 aces. Holthaus had 3 kills and 4 aces. Gehring had 3 kills and 1 ace. Schumacher had 2 kills and 3 aces. Tidwell had 19 assists and 5 aces. Danly had 11 assists. Gimmeson had 2 kills and 2 aces. Bruner had 1 kill.
Summit vs. Highland
Krystin Uhlenkott powers into the ball for a kill in the Highland match as Shelby VonBargen watches for a possible block.Summit was competitive with Highland all three games but just couldn’t get that push at the end to get them a win.
In the first game Highland took a 6-13 lead but Sarah Chmelik served the Patriots back within 1 at 13-14 with 6 straight aces.
Summit also got within 1 at 17-18 but couldn’t get that tying point much less take the lead.
In the second game Summit took the early lead on a kill each by Julia Osborne, Chmelik and Megan Seubert.
After an ace by Megan Rehder they lead 5-2.
Highland came back though to outscore Summit 2-8 and take a 7-11 lead.
Summit again was able to pull back within 1 at 16-17 and 17-18 after kills by Seubert and Osborne, but couldn’t get the tying or go-ahead points as they again lost by 6.
In the third game Summit took a 5-1 lead as Rehder served 3 aces but Highland came back to tie the score at 8-8.
Summit then scored the next 6 points with Chmelik serving an ace while Rehder had 2 kills and Seubert had a kill and 2 stuff blocks.
The teams traded sideouts for awhile with Summit taking their biggest lead at 21-14 after an ace by Seubert. 
Highland then pretty much took over the game as they outscored the Patriots 2-11 the rest of the way to pull out the game and end the match.
Chmelik led the way in kills with 7 and had 7 aces. Rehder had 5 kills and 5 aces. Seubert had 7 kills including 2 stuffs, and 2 aces. Julia Osborne had 3 kills and 1 ace. Rachael Frei had 12 assists, 1 kill and 1 ace. Rachel Waters had 5 assists, 1 kill and 1 ace.
Prairie vs. Summit
In the final match of the night Prairie and Summit played even for the first half of the first game and from then on it was allPrairie’s Shelby VonBargen blocks a spike from Summit’s Sarah Chmelik, 8. Also shown from Summit is Ashlee Stubbers, 4. Prairie as the Pirates swept the match.
In the opening game Summit led 4 times early on but never by more than 1 point.
Summit’s final lead came at 10-11 and the last tie at 12-12.
Prairie took the lead for good on a sideout kill by Uhlenkott who then served 3 straight points with Holthaus, Gehring and Workman each scoring a kill.
After a pair of bricked serves, Workman served 3 straight points with VonBargen, Holthaus and Gehring scoring the kills to make it 20-13.
Prairie went on to win by 9 with VonBargen scoring the game-winning kill.
Prairie never trailed the rest of the match as they took a 2-0 lead in the second game on a kill by Workman and an ace by Tidwell.
Summit was able to keep it close until at 8-6 Gimmeson scored a back row kill for the side and Schlader followed with a 3-point service run as Uhlenkott scored 2 kills bracketing an ace by Schlader.
Prairie steadily pulled away from that point as Tidwell answered a 2-point service run by Frei with a 4-point run and then Uhlenkott had a 3-point run.
Schumacher wound up scoring the game-winning kill.
In the third game Prairie dominated from the start as they jumped out to a 9-1 lead with Danly serving 2 aces and Uhlenkott 3 while Workman had a kill and a stuff and Gehring added a kill.
At 11-5 Beka Bruner served 5 straight including 3 aces with VonBargen adding a kill to make it 16-5.
Gimmeson finally served out the match as she was on the line for the final 5 points which included 3 aces and a kill each by Workman and Uhlenkott.
For Prairie Workman had 11 kills including 2 stuffs, and 1 ace. VonBargen had 8 kills and 1 assist. Uhlenkott had 6 kills, 1 assists and 5 aces. Gehring had 5 kills and 1 ace. Holthaus had 4 kills and 2 aces. Schumacher had 3 kills and 1 ace. Bruner had 1 kill and 3 aces. Schlader had 1 kill and 1 ace. Danly had 20 assists, 2 kills and 4 aces. Tidwell had 9 assists and 3 aces. Gimmeson had 1 kill, 1 assist and 3 aces.
For Summit Chmelik had 9 kills including a stuff and 1 ace. Osborne had 1 kill and 1 ace. Rehder had 1 kill and 1 ace. Frei had 5 assists and 3 aces. Seubert had 1 stuff and 2 aces. 
For photos of the Summit girls see the Summit page.

Lady Pirates lose at Troy
We understand that the Prairie Lady Pirates lost in 3 games in a league match at Troy but we have no details on what the scores were.

Idaho Schools win Border Battle
For the second straight year the Idaho team won the Border Battle Tournament which was back at Pomeroy this year. 
Idaho dominated the tournament this year with 47 wins to just 28 for the Washington schools in the tournament held Saturday, Sept. 22.
Prairie wound up 7-8 in games played while winning 2 of the 5 matches they played. Every match went 3 games with the first 2 to 25 and the third to 15 with each game won counting toward the state’s total.
In matches Prairie beat host Pomeroy 25-20, 25-22, 15-12; lost to Asotin 9-25, 22-25, 11-15; lost to St. John Endicott 18-25, 25-18, 5-15; lost to Clarkston 14-25, 25-19, 9-15; and beat Dayton 10-25, 25-11, 15-10.
Their two match wins came in the Elementary gym where they were 5-1 in games while the 3 losses were all in the high school gym where they were 2-7 in games.
Vs Pomeroy
Leah Holthaus goes for the kill against Pomeroy at the Border Battle. Also shown from left are Tanna Schlader, Hailey Danly and Tyler Workman.In the opening game Pomeroy bricked the opening serve and Hailey Danly then served Prairie to a 6-0 lead with 3 aces and a free ball kill.
Pomeroy came right back to claim their first lead at 7-9 and then the game went back and forth for awhile as the score was tied 8 times until Prairie took the lead for good with 2 aces by Leah Holthaus.
After a sideout, Prairie got the serve back right away on a kill by Shelby VonBargen. Tanna Schlader then served out the game with 2 aces following a kill by Krystin Uhlenkott.
In the second game Pomeroy took the lead with a 6-point service run that made it 5-11. Prairie trailed by as many as 7 at 11-18 before mounting their comeback.
A stuff block by VonBargen put Cheryl Gehring on the service line and she had one of her best service runs of the year as she served Prairie into a 19-18 lead with 4 aces plus a kill by Uhlenkott and a kill and a stuff by VonBargen.
Pomeroy was able to reclaim the lead at 19-21 but 2 kills by Uhlenkott, a kill by Tyler Workman and 2 aces by Stephanie Gimmeson brought Prairie to game point at 24-21.
Pomeroy fought off one game point but Uhlenkott then scored the game-winning kill.
In the third game, with Kelsey Tidwell absent due to a conflict, Brooke Schumacher was given the chance to be the setter. 
After Pomeroy scored the first point she set up Workman for a kill to tie the score then served 2 aces and Uhlenkott added a kill for a 4-1 lead.
Pomeroy came back to take a 4-5 lead but then the scoring went back and forth as the game was tied 7 times, the last at 12-12 when Schumacher served an ace. She served 3 more aces to give Prairie the 3-game sweep.
Vs. Asotin
The 1 hour layoff did not agree with Prairie in their match against Asotin as they dropped behind 0-10 in the opening game before Leah Holthaus was able to score a kill. It never got much better as Prairie went on to lose by 16 points.
They fell behind in the second game 0-4 but came back to tie the score and then took an 8-6 lead after a kill by Schumacher.Tanna Schlader makes a pass against Asotin at the Border Battle tournament.
Prairie fell behind at 9-11 but were able to retake the lead at 14-12. 
After an ace by Workman they claimed their final lead of the game at 18-17. Asotin answered with 3 straight points before Gehring scored a kill.
Prairie was able to stay close but a bricked serve at 21-22 followed by and Asotin ace put the Panthers at game point.
In the third game Prairie finally got off to a good start as Danly served them to a 4-0 lead with an ace, a kill by Workman and 2 kills by Uhlenkott.
Asotin came back to take a 5-7 lead and took the lead for good at 7-8 as they went on to win by 4.
Vs. St. John Endicott
In the opening game against St. John-Endicott Prairie took leads of 2-0, 6-2 and 10-4 as Workman had 2 stuff blocks plus a kill, Danly and Uhelnkott each had an ace and Workman then served 3 aces.
Once the Eagles scored the sideout to make it 10-5 the wheels came off for Prairie. All of a sudden Prairie forgot how to make a pass or dig a serve as the Eagles 7 aces and scored a pair of kills the only times Prairie was able to return serve, usually when the dig wound up going back over the net, as the Eagles took a 10-15 lead.
Prairie wasn’t able to get any kind of a rally going as their next 4 points were sideout points.
Danly finally broke through with some service points as Workman scored a pair of kills and Danly added an ace to cut the deficit to 18-23. She then bricked a serve and The Eagles served up the game-winner.
The second game reversed the script as St. John-Endicott jumped out to leads of 1-4 and 2-9 only to see Prairie come back.
Prairie didn’t quite have a 10-point run but a 3-point service run by Workman and 2-point run by Schlader got Prairie back into the game at 11-12.
A bricked served by the Eagles followed by a kill by Uhlenkott tied it at 13-13.
The score was tied again at 15 and 16 before Workman served Prairie into the lead. She had 4 aces with VonBargen adding a pair of kills as Prairie took a 22-16 lead.
Two Prairie bricked serves and 2 sideout kills by Schlader got Prairie to game point at 24-18. Uhlenkott then stuffed an Eagles kill attempt for the game-winner.
In the third game it was tied at 4-4 when St. John-Endicott put together another big service run that turned the game in their favor at 4-10.
A bricked serve ended the run but that was to be Prairie’s only point as the Eagles scored 5 more to win it.
Vs. Clarkston
Shelby VonBargen gets ready for Hailey Danly’s set in the Asotin match at Pomeroy. In the background is Krystin Uhlenkott.The first game against Clarkston was another bad one as the Bantams jumped out to leads of 1-6, 3-10, 6-17 and 10-20 on their way to an easy win.
They jumped out to leads of 0-3 and 1-4 in the second game before Workman scored a sideout kill and then served prairie into the lead. She had 2 aces and vonBargen had 4 kills, all on the first touch, as Prairie took an 8-4 lead.
They were able to hold the lead throughout the rest of the game.
It was still just a 4-point lead at 18-14 when Workman again scored a sideout kill and went to the service line. She had 2 more aces while Gehring scored a kill and VonBargen scored a stuff as Prairie took a 23-14 lead.
Danly wound up with the game-winning kill on a free ball bump.
In the third game Prairie kept it close early on but Clarkston pulled away at the end by scoring the final 3 points for a 6-point win.
Vs. Dayton
Prairie moved back to the Elementary Gym for their final match and played the opening game against Dayton like they had a couple of the opening games in the high school gym.
Dayton got service runs of 6, 4 and 5 points as they took leads of 2-9, 6-16 and 7-22 before winning by 15.
The second game was a total turnaround.
Prairie led just 4-3 after a bricked Dayton serve but Uhlenkott then went on an 8-point run. She had 4 aces while Workman and Schlader had 2 kills each as Prairie took a 12-3 lead.
With the score at 13-6 VonBargen got a “happy birthday” kill and then Schlader scored a pair of kills to make it 16-6.
At 20-11 Danly got a second touch kill for the sideout and then served out the game with 2 aces and a kill by Uhlenkott setting up game point with Workman scoring the game-winning kill.
Danly then served Prairie to a 3-0 lead in the final game of the day but Dayton came back to tie the score at 4 and again at 6 but couldn’t take the lead.
A bricked serve put Holthaus on the service line and she served an ace while VonBargen added 2 kills to make it 10-6.
Dayton was able to close within 2 at 10-9 and 12-10 before VonBargen scored another kill and Gimmeson then served out the match.
For the day Workman had 47 hills including 10 stuffs, 2 assists and 19 aces. VonBargen had 31 kills including 6 stuffs. Uhlenkott had 25 kills including a stuff plus 8 aces and 2 assists. Schlader had 21 kills including a stuff plus 5 aces. Danly had 12 kills including 4 stuffs plus 17 aces and 86 assists. Gehring had 7 kills and 6 aces. Schumacher had 7 assists 2 kills including a stuff and 6 aces. Holthaus had 2 kills, 7 assists and 3 aces. Gimmeson had 3 kills, 6 assists and 6 aces. 
With their 2-3 match record on the day Prairie is now 15-9 on the season.
Hailey Danly serves against Clarkston at the Border Battle. You can see some of the Prairie fans in the stands behind her.
Krystin Uhlenkott goes for a kill against Asotin. #12 is Tyler Workman.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
28-Lapwai, here, lost 1-3
30-Troy, here (C, JV,V) 5 p.m., lost 0-3
  4-Home Tri-match: vs. Potlatch, 5 p.m., vs. Grangeville, 8 p.m., beat Potlatch 3-2, beat Grangeville 3-1
  6-C.V., there, won 3-2
  8-Kendrick Tournament, TBA, beat Kootenai 2-0, lost to Asotin 0-2, beat C.V. 2-0, beat Kendrick 2-0,  placed third
11-Home Tri-Match: vs. Genesee, 5 p.m.; vs. Summit, 8 p.m., lost to Genesee 0-3, beat Summit 3-0
13-Kamiah, there, lost 0-3
15-Grangeville Tournament, TBA, beat Nezperce 2-0, lost to Deary 1-2, beat Summit 2-0, beat Kamiah 2-1, beat Deary 2-1 for championship
18-Home Tri-match: vs. Highland, 5 p.m.; vs. Summit 8 p.m., beat Highland 3-0, beat Summit 3-0
20-Troy, there, (C,JV,V) 5 p.m., lost 0-3
22-Pomeroy Tournament, went 2-3 in matches, 7-8 in games played as Idaho schools won Border Battle
25-Lapwai, there, lost 1-3, details next week
  1-CV, here
  4-Tri-match at Grangeville: vs. Kamiah 5 p.m., vs. G’ville 6:30 p.m.
  9-Tri-match at Genesee, vs. Genesee, 5 p.m., vs. Potlatch, 6:30 p.m.
13-18-District at LCSC
26-27-State at Kimberly
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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