Escape attempted at NICI
On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 22, offender Ronald Downey, Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) offender number 103777, attempted to escape from North Idaho Correctional Institution (NICI).  
The escape effort occurred near the maintenance shop, where a construction project of burying electrical lines had been progressing.  This construction project necessitated trenching under the perimeter fence and, per contract, this trench had been backfilled and covered with six inches of cement by the contractor at the point where it went under the fence.  According to the investigation, offender Downey put on a red shirt, which is what offender workers wear, obtained a shovel from one of the units where yard maintenance was being completed by the unit inmates, and began digging under the fence where, due to the dry weather, the ground was relatively soft.  
The correctional officer from offender Downey’s unit quickly noticed his absence and began to page for him.  At this point, offender Downey lifted his head and made contact with the razor wire, causing a laceration.  Offender Downey then returned to his unit and turned himself into the unit officer, stating that he had attempted to escape.  Offender Downey was incarcerated at NICI under a retained jurisdiction (“Rider”) program for Sexual Abuse of a Child under Sixteen (16) Years of Age from Bonner County.  As a security precaution, the location where offender Downey had been digging has been filled with a yard of concrete.  The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office was notified and has taken a report, which will be forwarded to the Idaho County Prosecutor for possible prosecution.

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