Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the voters of Idaho County:
The recent Primary election left many voters of both parties and non-affiliated voters feeling disenfranchised due to the wrong headedness direction the Republican Party chose to take in closing the primary at the same time removing our cherished anonymity about how we vote.
Thankfully that notion of privacy about how we vote is at least  preserved for the general election. Couple that privacy with choice, voters in Idaho County have the ability to cast their vote in more than a sham county commission election.
I personally, have rarely voted a straight ticket and I suspect that is true with most thinking voters. At least locally voters need to cast aside party ideology and vote for the person not the party.
For that reason among others I urge all who voted for me in the primary (and those who would have but didn't because of the lack of privacy) to vote for Jim Rehder in the County Commission District 3 race. Jim's philosophy and beliefs regarding county government are very similar to my own. He believes that the commission is elected to serve the needs of all the county citizens. He believes that no one person or even three can know, in and of themselves, what is best for the county without engaging the citizens in dialogue and problem solving. He believes that openness and transparency are central to a functioning county government. And I can personally attest to the fact that he will always listen and consider opposing views to his own and if he disagrees he will not denigrate those he disagrees with. And as a plus Jim has 6 years of prior experience often as the voice of reason. One thing is for sure, we need to have balance in county government, not ideology. We certainly do not have that at the present.
I'm voting for Jim Rehder and I hope you do also.
Steve Didier Sr.

To the Editor
Who is misleading the Citizens of Idaho County?
Interesting how some citizens of Idaho County can talk about honesty and transparency, declare themselves a Republican, even run for election as a Republican and then insist that "voters need to cast aside party (The Republican) ideology (principles)" and vote for Democratic Candidates.  I would say that these folks are not being honest and transparent with the public!!  If one does not believe in the Republican platform, then run as a candidate that supports the Obama/Democratic Platform, so do not be deceitful.  It is because of these deceitful actions by disingenuous folks that we (the Republican Party) have found a need to close our Primary Election.  It is our attempt to have dedicated Republicans picking the Republican principled candidate to run in the General Election.  So pay attention to the history of those endorsing Jim Chmelik's  Democratic opponent.
Marge Arnzen, 
Chairman of Idaho County Republican Party

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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