Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council voted to renew the hall janitorial contract with the Perrin family and to raise the wages for the city clerk’s temporary help at their October meeting Monday, Oct. 15.
The meeting had originally been scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 9 but was rescheduled due to lack of a quorum.
The Perrin family had the hall cleaning contract on a 6-month trial basis at $325 per month with the stipulation that it would go to $350 per month for a year if they passed the trial.
Councilor Shelli Schumacher and City Clerk Carol Altman both reported they have been doing a good job and Schumacher made the motion to go to a one-year contract. Pat Holthaus questioned if there were any liability issues with the children helping. Altman said since they are contracted that there wasn’t and besides the children were not allowed to run machinery but asked to do things like empty wastebaskets and take out garbage. Holthaus seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
The council also approved a motion made by Ron Grant to raise the clerk’s temporary replacements salary to $8.50 an hour from the current $7.70. Altman said that hadn’t been raised in quite some time and they were actually getting paid less than the summer help were. They were also very well trained in the necessary duties.
The council also continued discussion on the burning ordinance. There were some conflicts found that need to be addressed and some tweaks to be made. It was tabled to the next meeting.
Mayor Denis Duman reported to the council on a meeting he had with Steve Lamont and Ryan Uhlenkott, purchasers of the former government housing north of town. They are looking at possible annexation. Duman said he suggested a 2-year period to get the things fixed with the water and sewer lines before annexation would proceed. 
Lamont and Uhlenkott are looking at getting those housing units fixed up to use as rentals and are hoping to get at least 4 ready by the end of the month. Mayor Duman said the plan is for them to present a proposal at the November council meeting.
Jack Duman reported on his meeting with the Idaho Department of Transportation about the sidewalks and storm drains on King St. The estimates came in higher than expected so they are looking at breaking it into 3 sections with the section from Seubert Excavators’ office to North St. being the first section to be done. In the meantime they will come in within the next couple weeks to do a temporary fix to the problem in front of the Camas Prairie Insurance office.
It was also reported that one of the large generators obtained via surplus has been set on the concrete pad and should have had a test run on Tuesday. It will be a backup power source for city well #5.
The other large one likely would be set up at well #2.
The city also has a couple of smaller generators that could be sold as surplus but they want to look at the larger of those two as a backup power supply for the Community Hall. It’s large enough to run the heat and power for the hall which could then be used as an emergency shelter if needed.
The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. The next regular meeting is set for Monday, November 12 at 7 p.m.

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