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Letter to the Editor:
Neighbors, miners, construction companies, and local governments must unite to overcome threats from federal regulations such as EPA, OSHA and MSHA.  One man alone cannot fight such  monsters!   The federal government is leading the attack on our right to private property.  History proves that once we lose our private property, we lose our freedom.   
I attended the meeting where Dan Vaughn, Jason Berreth, and Russ Koepke from Weippe gave their dire testimonies about their time consuming and frustrating dealings with the MSHA, OSHA, and the Corps of Engineers on Monday night, October 1st at the Weippe Library.   The burdensome paperwork, delays in permits, road closures, and lack of knowledge by the public employees on paperwork are just some of the obstacles that are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, loss of jobs, and loss of work hours.  Just visit with one of these good men who are struggling to provide jobs.  How long their business can survive is questionable.   
The Federal Land Planning Act of 1976  and the Federal Mine Act of 1977 are keys to knowing the law on these issues and Dan and Jason have been reading them cover to cover.    Jason said that he is one of seven who have defied MSHA in the U.S.   He made them get a search warrant before they could inspect their business.   He alone of the seven is the only one that has not suffered severe criminal penalties, even prison.
   Troubling and sad that this is happening so close to us and many of us do not even know about it or what to do about it.  Stick close to your sheriff.    Fortunately, the sheriff is helping them with the situation.    The sheriff has authority over federal agents.   A firm by the name of Holland & Hart specializes in dealing with federal regulations by miners.  The coordination process by Trademark America and The Property Rights Council are options to help combat these situations. 
This is not just happening in Clearwater County but small businesses in other counties are being attacked.   I can cite 2 specific examples in Idaho County and, of course, the mines in Silver Valley.   These men and others are asking the state to help them.   Who will be next?  We must assert our states rights and say no to the federal rules.  We need to use the 10th Amendment.    
It was commendable of Clearwater County Commissioner Carole Galloway and Candidate Trever Heighes to organize the meeting to inform people of the misery that is happening so close, but hidden from us.
Senator Sheryl Nuxoll

To the Editor,
Jim Chmelik has done a good job for us.  He has the best interests of the county at heart.  Re-elect Jim Chmelik. 
Donna Wassmuth

Dear Editor,
I Urge the People of Idaho County to vote for Jim Rehder.  As a former resident of Idaho County who plans to settle back in the county when retired I want the best representation possible at the County Commissioner level of Government and that means Jim Rehder as the next Commissioner.   I worked with Jim during the years I lived in Idaho County and he was always willing to listen and render a fair decision on critical issues facing the citizens.  The County has more issues facing its future, and challenges that take critical analyzing and evaluation; there is no one more qualified to address these issues, find solutions and implement those solutions than Jim Rehder. I urge the citizens of Idaho County place the best-qualified person in the Commissioner’s seat…elect  Jim Rehder Idaho County Commissioner. 
Kind Regards
Don Munkers 
Hines, Oregon

To the Editor
To any objective adult capable of thinking outside rank partisan demagoguery, when confronted, certain incendiary rhetoric ought to set off red flags of warning.  So it is with the Idaho Republican machine’s latest public education rabble rousing.  There is a common truism.  When a politician goes on and on for many pages of fine print just to induce passage of some bill, ordinary voters can rest assured that whatever is proposed ought to be rejected flat out. Legislation of many words hides much mischief. There is another truism.  Beware straw man arguments and hanging effigies.  Partisan puppet masters do not usually have liberty (or education) in mind for marionettes.
Point in case, Republican partisan red meat rhetoric on education boils down to Governor Otter’s repeated abuse of the term “union bosses.” Even the cheapest demagogue among us must blush over such bold faced deception. Who exactly here in Cottonwood ARE these nefarious “union bosses”? Are they not our own neighbors?  Further, I would ask our erstwhile Republican “visionaries” to identify these so called union bosses throughout State District 7 from Clearwater Valley to Nezperce, from Weippe to Kamiah.  For surely, I was under the impression local public schools cut a number of teachers, operate under extreme underfunding, and yet still do a tremendous job educating Idaho’s youth.  But, I am an objective man.  If, as the Republicans suggest, our local educational problems are caused by these nefarious over compensated union teachers, point these dastardly ne’er-do-wells out!
Besides, the money saved by underfunding and under staffing Idaho primary and secondary public education can always go to a more worthy cause…like per diem increases for local Republican partisans to attend their Party oaths before the Boise Säuberung bonfires.
Floyd Whitley

To the Editor,
I support Jim Rehder for County Commissioner. After discussions and meetings with the other commissioners and Mr. Rehder, I am convinced that Jim Rehder is the most open-minded, and attentive to public opinion of the four. He is reasonable in his support of SRS and PILT funding from the federal government and will work to avoid burdening county taxpayers with the large tax increase which will be needed if SRS and PILT are discontinued before alternate funding from federal lands is available. He is not a demagogue, who attempts to tell me how to vote in national elections, rather, he will focus upon the needs of the county, placing county needs ahead of personal ambitions. I urge thinking voters to place his qualifications ahead of party affiliation. I am a registered Republican and I always vote for a person with integrity, not just the party.
Dave F. Cooper
Elk City

To the Editor,
Jim Chmelik for the future
Again the time is here for all responsible citizens of this country to vote for that person who will best represent their interests and desires in the operations of our government. It is very easy to get wrapped up in special interest issues.  Easy to come to the wrong conclusion by not knowing all the facts and it is very difficult at times to decipher through all the information in obtaining correct facts.  We feel the best and most sure way to vote for the person that best represents your beliefs and interests is to truly know the ideology of the candidate.   It is also important to know that they follow their ideology not only when it is easy and convenient but when in the face of opposition.  Jim Chmelik is the Republican in the race for County Commissioner.   He believes that less government is better and living within a budget is not only the right thing to do but the responsibility he accepted when elected as County Commissioner.  Another very important trait in a political candidate is the one who looks to the future and bases his decisions on what will be the best for the future of our country and of our children and not only what may be our special interest at this very time in history.  Our country is in very difficult times because past elected officials were only interested in getting votes and made promises they could not keep.  Jim Chmelik looks into the future for what will be the best for our country, and our children and then has the courage to make these hard decisions.  The decisions Jim makes will be based on his conservative, republican ideology.  For these reasons and many more, we support Jim Chmelik and ask you to do the same.  
Mike and Jana Frei

To the Editor
I have been honored to serve the people of Idaho County for more than 30 years, the past 17 as your county treasurer. In those years, I have earned a great deal of respect across this state and the nation for my dedication and leadership.  Sadly, the respect I have elsewhere is not shared by our county commissioners.  
When I retired, I recommended my successor, the person with the most experience who was best equipped to run the office. But that recommendation was beset by politics; consequently, the commissioners ignored me and hired the Idaho Republican Central Committee Treasurer instead.
I should note that there is no Democratic or Republican way of being treasurer.  Politics are completely immaterial.  That’s why I ran as an independent in the last election and that’s why I believe the commissioners disregarded my recommend-dation and my expertise.  It’s an indignity that I will not soon forget.  However, I cannot forget that the commissioners have chosen – again – to put politics in front of the people of Idaho County. 
Their decision is unfair to the person who was the best qualified for the job; it is unfair to the person who took the job, and it is unfair to the people of Idaho County who expect better from their elected officials. 
Please vote for Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner.  He listens; he is knowledgeable about county issues and he is respectful of constituents, fellow elected officials and county employees. Give Idaho County citizens a voice. Vote for Jim Rehder.
Sharon Cox
Retired Idaho County Treasurer 

To the Editor
Ray Payton and Steve Didier like to play fast and loose with the truth and have mischaracterized the position of the county commissioners. I have checked the public record and the entire commissions' signed statement is alternative A, no action on the Lochsa Land Exchange.
Also to imply that Commissioner Chmelik does not listen, could not be further from the truth. He attended every Lochsa land exchange meeting except one, and rather than surround himself with favorable people concerning controversial issues he went and met the opposition head on in their homes, places of business or any place they could find to meet. 
Jim Chmelik’s openness and willingness to discuss tough issue is a credit to his character. He works for the people of Idaho County and understands he represents all its constituents, Democrats, Republican, and independents. 
His opposition would rather misrepresent his positions than offer solutions to the challenges we are facing. Re-elect Commissioner Chmelik Nov. 6th. 
Rebecca Crea

To the Voters of Idaho County:
The two candidates running for County Commissioner in District 3 offer two distinct choices.  Commissioner Chmelik recognizes our challenges and is working on seeking solutions with respect to utilization of our public lands and creating real opportunity for next generation.  His opponent seeks the same solutions, but his solutions are more government borrowing and spending on failed policies.
The borrowing we do today to FUND SECURE RURAL SCHOOLS will be placed on the backs of our current generation.  We are essentially telling our children and grandchildren, "we care so much about you that we will borrow this money and by the way, when you get a job you can start paying it back."  Commissioner Chmelik recognizes the responsibility we have to the next generation.
I would urge you to Re-elect Commissioner Chmelik.  He is an experienced and successful businessman who understands the challenges we face.
Shorty Arnzen

To the editor,
This year the Idaho County voters have the opportunity to elect the best candidate for County Commissioner.
I have known Jim Rehder since I have resided in Idaho County and have found Him to be a sincere person with the best interests for the County.
Jim has served on numerous committees and is always ready to take the next step in regards to the County and its citizens’ welfare, whether it is in a public forum or spending time on an individual basis with His Constituents.
I support Jim Rehder for County Commissioner and urge you to look into the facts and do the same.
Jay Hinterlong

Letter to the Editor:
Proposition 2 deals with Pay for Performance. The base salary for teachers has not increased for 12 to 18 years now, depending upon who you listen to. A number of schools are already paying the difference between what the state is giving in salary appropriations and what the state mandates (unfunded mandate) should be the base pay. 
Funding for Pay for Performance, as well as for laptops, will be paid for by the reduction in state salary appropriations. When the school districts receive less money for their teachers they will be forced to cut back on the number of teachers and programs they have. A Dept. of Education spokesperson said this will eliminate the programs we don’t need. Districts will now have LOCAL control, forced to keep teachers teaching to the common core, and eliminating electives like art, music, and vocational programs.
The high stakes testing tied to Pay for Performance will force teachers to teach to the test and very well may pit teacher against teacher. What information won’t be taught anymore because somebody thinks it isn’t important? There is more to education that books don’t teach. Do all children learn and test the same?If we were in a machine shop, we could whip out widgets, all the same, but that is not the case. Anyone who has ever taught for any length of time knows that no two students are alike.
The only way any teacher is going to receive a bonus for their student’s performance is if their school building passes adequate yearly progress (AYP) set up by the state and dependent upon how the district wrote up their local policy. 
We all aren’t going to be doctors and lawyers. Do elective classes have any value for our young people? Is everyone meant to go to college? I know of several past graduates that never went to college and are successful businessmen.  Quite a few support my program at Prairie in one form or another. I wonder if there will be a program to support in the future? Who will be the loser?
Proposition 2 is bad legislation.
Jerry Richardson

To the Editor
We want to give Jim Chmelik and the other Idaho County Commissioners credit for doing a good job of managing our county. They are all experienced private business people who understand how important it is to keep our tax base intact.  They use good free enterprise principles in protecting Idaho County from ever increasing federal interference. They work well together and have the best interest of the county as their main agenda. Please join us in voting for Jim Chmelik and once again reject a big government advocate for the important job.
Charlotte and Don DeArmond

To the Editor,
Chmelik’s Pies, Our Taxes
I was surprised to read in the Oct. 10 IDFP, County Commissioner Jim Chmelik said: “The difference between my opponent’s party and mine is they want to keep dipping from the same pie while my thought is to make more pies.”    I hope Idaho County citizens like pies and higher taxes, because that’s what we’re going to be left with when Chmelik gets done “fighting” for us.
Let’s see how his fight is going so far: In June he said our county would be, “Dead in the water,” without $7 million of Secure Rural Schools funding. In July he encouraged our Congressional Delegation to vote against those same funds. He’s made three trips to D.C. , baking pies? Let’s hope he hasn’t traded recipes with Mark Rey and Larry Craig.
Chmelik’s fight nearly cost us $7 million in much-needed funding. What’s worse, he has no functional plan to replace those funds. Oh wait, he’s fighting to privatize our public lands with a Congressional bill that’s stuck in committee. They should name that bill, “Chmelik’s pie in the sky.”
 So how will Chmelik bridge Idaho County’s $7 million shortfall? The shortfall he’s been fighting for. More pies? Likely we’ll be stuck paying higher taxes. Pies don’t build bridges, pave roads or teach students.  He won’t be selling public land for new revenues, he’ll be reaching into our pockets.   That kind of pie, Chmelik will step in. 
I’m voting for common sense. I’m a Republican and I’m voting for Jim Rehder.
Bob Mangold

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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