Seubert gives presentation to senior citizens
Kathy Seubert, DNS for St. Mary’s Hospital gave a short presentation last Tuesday to the members of the Cottonwood Senior Citizens group on the Transitional Care and Visiting Nurse Care that is provided by the hospital.Kathy Seubert, DNS for St. Mary’s Hospital gave a shot presentation at the Senior Citizens meeting last week.
Transitional Care Service provides in-hospital care as patients recover from surgery, injury or illness.  This hospital-based skilled care nursing service helps patients transition from an acute hospital stay (regardless of that hospital’s location) back to home.  However, in order to qualify for this service; patients must stay in the acute hospital for at least three days.
“Recuperate with us and be close to your home, family and friends,” commented Seubert.  “We provide post-surgical care especially following knee or hip replacement or other orthopedic procedures.  We also do follow up care after an injury or illness, stroke or heart attack.  This service is not only a benefit to the patient but also for the family, it makes their lives easier if they don’t have to drive to Lewiston or Spokane to visit their loved ones.”
“St. Mary’s Hospital also provides in home nursing services in a professional manner with a personal touch,” said Seubert.  
In order to qualify for Visiting Nurse Services a patient must be homebound, under a doctor’s care, be willing to follow a plan of care and require intermittent skilled nurse care.  Support services such as physical therapy, home health aides, etc. must be provided through other sources.
“If anyone has any questions regarding either of these services please contact me at 962-3251,” said Seubert.  “I would be glad to help you in any way I can.”

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