Election is Tuesday
The General Election is set for next Tuesday, November 6 and gives you the opportunity to have your say in who will be your leaders for the upcoming term.
Heading the ballot of course is the race for U.S. President where Democratic incumbent Barack Obama faces Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Also on the ballot are several candidates from other parties including Virgil Goode from the Constitution Party, Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party, Jill Stein from the Green Party (listed as an independent on the Idaho County ballots) and Rocky Anderson who is running as an independent.
Also up for election is Republican Congressman from the First District, Raul Labrador. Democrat Jimmy Farris is challenging Labrador along with Libertarian Rob Oates and independent Pro-Life (a person formerly know as Marvin Richardson.)
All three state legislative district offices are contested for the redrawn District 7 which runs from Idaho County up the east side of the panhandle to Shoshone County.
For State Senator incumbent Republican from the former District 8 Sheryl Nuxoll of Cottonwood is challenged by Independent Joe Cantamessa of Wallace.
For State Representative Position A, incumbent Republican Shannon McMillan formerly of District 5 faces Democratic challenger Casey Drews.
For State Representative Position B, incumbent Republican from the former District 8 Paul Shepherd of Riggins faces a challenge from Democrat Nancy Lerandeau of Orofino, a former Cottonwood resident.
For Idaho County offices the Third District Idaho County Commissioner race is the only contested race. For the fourth straight time Republican Jim Chmelik and Democrat Jim Rehder will square off. For the first time Chmelik is the incumbent.
First District County Commissioner Skip Brandt, County Sheriff Doug Giddings and County Prosecuting Attorney Kirk MacGregor, all Republicans, are unopposed.
Also on the ballot are three Propositions and two Constitutional Amendments.
The three Propositions all deal with the so-called Luna Laws. In all three a yes vote means you approve the legislation while a no vote means you reject it.
In simplistic form Proposition 1 deals with teacher negotiations. Proposition 2 deals with merit pay and Propositions 3 deals with providing computing devices to students and requiring online courses as part of graduation.
We suggest you read your voterís pamphlet or the ballot measure itself to know what it is your voting on.
H.J.R. 2aa is a proposed constitutional amendment that says Idahoans shall always have the right to hunt, fish and trap. This amendment would not prevent the suspension or revocation of licenses.
S.J.R. 102 is a proposed amendment that states that the state board of correction shall have control, direction and management of adult felony probation and parole. The intent is to limit the state boardís control to felonies and leave misdemeanors in control of Idaho Counties.
Sample ballots are not being printed in the newspaper this year but can be found by going to the Idaho County website at http://www.idahocounty.org. Links to the Sample ballots are on the main page.

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