Summit girls are academic state champions

Kayla Rehder and Gus Chmelik check out the internal body parts of a pig at Sonnen Meats.

Norm Sonnen of Sonnen Meats with his daughter Jessie who is one of the Summit students.

Summit Science Field Trip
Mrs. Lustig and Mrs. Krogh’s 5th& 6th grade classes are learning how cells, tissues, and organs work together to form tissues, organs, and organ systems. They are learning about the scientists who first viewed cells, the different parts of plant and animal cells and why your body breathes, circulates blood, and feels pain. It is a fantastic journey into the world of cells, tissues, and organs.  Our field trip to Sonnen Meats was engaging, comprehensive, and visually stimulating. We were able to observe the internal organs of pigs, many while still connected to their organ systems. We were able to handle the organs, dissect them and learn where they belong in a pig’s body. It has taken learning science to a whole new level.
Thanks to Mr. Sonnen, the Vice Chair of the Summit School Board and parent, for opening his fourth generation business up for us to tour and learn.  “Each student was able to observe and study the "fresh" organs as they really are. Their interest and inquisitiveness surprised even me!" stated Mrs. Krogh.  "We are so blessed to have such wonderful learning opportunities here!" 

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