Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor:
I commend the populist efforts of newly re-elected Idaho County commissioner, Jim Chmelik, appreciating greatly his guest editorial published last week.  In his courageous stand, Jim Chmelik deserves the active support of all fair-minded and freedom-loving citizens.
The Only Solution Big Enough, addressed by Jim, is a simple matter of what is right and necessary for the well-being of our people.  
Who could argue that it isn't way past time for Idahoans, forgetting party affiliation, to unite and pull together to help win back state autonomy?  We should neither want nor need the federal government regulating and dictating every inch of our lives.  Besides, if we think things are bad now, just research and see what more the globalists have planned for us under their infamous UN Agenda 21, once that's fully implemented!
And what of Governor Butch Otter?  We need to know exactly where he stands, and whether we can count on him.  I know that a good many Idahoans did not appreciate his trek abroad back in 2010, recruiting (communist) Chinese investors to come set up businesses here, supposedly to help jump-start Idaho's sluggish economy.  As our Chief Executive, I have to wonder why he didn't choose instead to convene a conference of  Idaho's own best business entrepreneurs, to plan and pledge available state resources toward successfully resuscitating Idaho ourselves.  Nor should the people of Idaho currently be left wondering, right up to some designated deadline, whether the Governor will decide for or against compliance with "Obamacare." Forcing compliance would be blatantly unconstitutional, and I pray he knows it.
Thank You.
Carol Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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